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I'm new here....glad to have found ya'll!

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I haven't gotten around to reading alot of the threads yet, but wanted to join and say hi.

I am the mom of two crazy cats:

Poncho: My 6 yr. old large male (domestic short hair)....he is my baby. I've never had a bond with any cat like I have with him. He is very laid back, but he has the weirdest little quirks. AND

Minou: My 3 yr. old small female (also domestic short hair).....she is insane. A total spazz. She gets into everything, and she thinks my husband is her mother.

They have similar markings....white with black or grey patterns. They both were adopted from "free kittens to good home" ads in the newspaper. Both are indoor cats (for their safety and my peace-of-mind). Both are spayed/neutered, since even though they don't go out, they might possibly escape one day and I strongly believe in Bob Barker's message....Go Bob! They each get their nails clipped (my husband does it, every 3 or 4 weeks), since I don't believe in declawing....yikes....very inhumane.

I can attach pics if anyone wants to see. I hope I didn't break any rules or nuthin'....I guess I'm just getting my feet wet around here!

Looks like a great and informative site!


(Ponch & Minou's mommy)
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Welcome to TCS!!

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Hi and Welcome
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Welcome to TCS!!

I can't wait to see pictures
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Hello and !!!
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Hello, and welcome.
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Welcome to TCS Renee, Ponch & Minou

so glad you joined us and both your kitties sound adorable - yes pictures please!!! we LOVE pictures here Maybe you could start a specific thread of their own over in the fur pictures forum

Doesnt look like to me that you have broken any rules so jump in and have some fun

welcome again from me & my boys from across the ocean
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Thanks to all for the warm welcome!

P.S.- Diane, I clicked on your link and voted for Chuckie to win Catendipity's cat-of-the-month. He looks like a sweetie!
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Welcome to TCS, Renee! Do we want pics? - well,
I love the names for Poncho & Minou. I was amused because I took French 1 in high school & the French teacher said that some cats prefer the French way of being called by "minou-minou-minou", and that is the way I call my two youngest ( 2 boys just turned 2). Good job keeping your furbabies inside & having them neutered - definitely the best way to go! I look forward to reading more post from you soon, and seeing those pics! Susan
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I need to clarify - my 2 boys just turned ONE (their b-day is 07/18/04). Not much of a b-day for Joey, he got neutered this past Monday....
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Now it's me that's messing up - I hit the edit/delete key, instead of the quick reply key... The original reply was an answer to your offer to show us some pics, it was And I love your kitties' names. Do you speak French? My French teacher told us that some cats prefer to be called with the French way of "minou,minou,minou" instead of "kitty,kitty,kitty" and indeed, that is how I call my 2 boys, in addition, to singing their individual silly-songs - I really have a terrible singing voice, and I sometimes think that they come just so I'll stop singing!
Well, see you in the forums! Susan
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Welcome to the site.
Can't wait to see pics.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Thanks to everyone for the welcome!

I just made Poncho & Minou's cat pages...and they've been approved! Now I have to figure out how to view them...LOL.
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Hello and welcome....
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Welcome to the best forum for those smitten by their kitten.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!
See you on the forums!
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I just realized I never answered your questions! Sorry 'bout that.

I'm glad you understand where Minou gets her name from. Most people don't get it. "what's her name? what's it mean?" "How do you spell it?" LOL I'm not French, not even a speck...unless if "by marriage" counts.... My name is very French but my mom just liked the name.

I call my girl by saying her name 3 times fast...LOL. A french lady I used to work w/ told me that's how Frenchies call their kitties.

Happy 1st b-day to your two boys! Are their pics around here somewhere? I'd love to see.....
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Hi Renee! Yes, please do post some pics of Poncho and Minou. Kudos to you for spaying & neutering and being against declawing! Everybody on this forum is super nice and I know you're going to love it here!

Welcome to TCS!!
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Thanks for welcoming me here...and most of all THANKS for that link to the informative website (All About Cats). I learned some things....especially about cat food!
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Welcome to TCS!
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