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Risks of Clumping Litter

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More links here. http://www.swheatscoop.com/safety.html I know some disagree on the risks, but I switched to swheat scoop just because of possibility of the risks. Plus, very little dust, which is also a plus.
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I don't use clumping litter for kittens, but I love it for the full grown cats.
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I never use clumping litter even for fully grown adult kitties - I just don't like it. I use Yesterday's News.
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Clumping litter is not a good idea for kittens, because kittens always sample the litter. They can't really prove the claims against clumping litter, because in order to do so, they would have to feed clumping litter to kittens and thankfully no research group seems willing to do that. Another danger of clumping litter is if you have a dog that loves to eat out of the litterpan. You don't want him getting clumping litter in his system either.
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Once a cat is able to consistently use a full-size litterbox without incident, and has demonstrated competent grooming skills and is of normal physical condition, the risks of using clumping litter have to be negligible. I don't know what emotional argument can overcome the reality of the situation.
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My girl, Nitosha had litter stuck in her stomach about a year ago. Since she was 15 at that time we gave a ton of petromalt (like vaseline) to coat her stomach to help the litter slide out as well as perscription med. Thank goodness she is better and I switched to a brand called Pestal. It's cheap, does clump but does NOT contain silica which is the ingredient that clumps the litter. Pestal is also dust free and very very little, like dirt best part is it is biogradable in the stomach. She has been do very well with ths litter and i will never switch.

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