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We Are Back!

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HI everyone! Just dropped in to say I am back from the Christmas break. It was long and I spent alot of time with Rascal. Rascal is getting big and heavy. He would lay on my chest and I can actually feel his weight. I believe he is four months old. I got him in mid-October when he was six weeks old. It is now January 8. I need to ask this personal question. I feel myself blushing as I ask this. When Rascal climbs on me, he starts to pur really loud. I would flip him onto his stomach. He would lie on my arm and I would stroke his belly. I think he gets lonely for female companionship, for obvious reasons I won't go into. Its almost time for him to be neutered. I found a place that charges only $10.00. He eats alot and plays alot. Also, I have neglected to get his last set of shots. I found out that the lady who gave him to me is not a vet but a girl who works for a Doggie Day Care. She bought the four way vaccines at a farmers store called the IGA(Intermountain Farmers Association) and she gave him the shots. So I was wondering how easy is it to give a cat its shots? I can go buy them myself and give him his shots. I would love to learn how to do it.

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First of all Alicia - WELCOME BACK!!!Good to see you around again!! Glad you had a nice break

As for the little one getting "horny" that is too funny!! I know what you mean though, my little Monty used to do that when he was cleaning himself!! Now he's been neutered it doesn't happen anymore!!
Regarding the shots, I really would take him to the vets, after all they are pro's and know exactly what to use and where to inject etc etc.... I don't think I would risk doing it myself, just incase you know? Better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes!! Also if you take hime to the vets for it they can check him over just to be sure he is in good shape - they pick things up that we can easily miss...
Im sure he'll be fine!!! All the best!
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If rascal didn't get his last round of shots and she was giving him his shots it's likely that he hasn't gotten his rabbies shot. Only a licensed veterinarian can give the rabies vaccine, otherwise it's illegal. I know here in Texas you can get the other vaccines at feed stores and give them yourselves. However you have to know where and how to give them, it's very specific. I've never heard of the four-way shots. I know they have the Feluk/FRVCP combo shot but from what I understand you don't give that to kittens during their first rounds, you just give the FRVCP at three incrimented times and then they get the Rabies and Feluk. I would go ahead and take Rascal to a vet and tell them this and they can judge what it is he needs.


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Neena; Welcome Back!! I hope you had a great break! Have you been to the Post Office? There should be "something" there for you from the (secret) Fat Man in the Red Suit. . . . Also, a little something for Rascal. . . . . . Please, do not try to give your cat his injections. It's not like a person, a cats veins are very small. Injections are given in different "specific" places depending on what the medication is. Yes, the other "problem" will dissapate after he is neutered.
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Nena...it is really good to see you are back!!! I sent you a PM, I hope you got it.
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A few words about vacs..

Firstly, Rabies must be done by a vet, so whatever I say does not apply to rabies vacs... DON'T do them yourself.

Vacs are not at all hard to give, as long as you know what your doing and it takes about 10 seconds to figure it out, AFTER you have done research on the proper way to give them.

Notice i'm NOT talking about any other meds.... just regular vacs EXCEPT rabies.

ALWAYS check with your state because it might be legal to by them (vacs) without a script, but it might not be legal to have and use the Syringes.

The reason injections are given in different spot is mostly due to find out which one caused a reaction should it occur.

Vacs are not NOT given into a vein.

When you give a vac, you are giving it under the skin, which means that it might cause a bubble of fluid to form under the injection site, this will probably go away. BUT it could cause a sarcoma, and that could happen no matter who has given the shot.

Always....ALWAYS get vacs from a reputible source, and do your homework on the manufacturers of vacs....
Personal opinion is that the local feed store probably isn't the best place to get them, especially if you're not sure about what they are in the first place.

My experience has been that needles aren't as sharp as you think they are, or kitties skin isn't as delicate as you think either.. it takes force to put the needle in... but not too much as you can go all the way through and come out the other side.

Always, always, draw back on the plunger once it is in to make sure there is no blood in the syringe, if there is, it's in the wrong place.. pull it out.

Those are just some of the key points to giving a vac, there's more and if you search the net there's lots of info on it..

Now, we do it cuz we have more than a few cats to give vacs to, but if you're talking about just one or two, then perhaps it's easier to cheaper to take little one down to the local pet store on vaccinations day.. I know PETCO does those and they are relatively inexpensive..

Hope this helped...


**edited to insert a forgotten "r" in a word...
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