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there are lots of homeade recipes.. I do a mix of dry canned cooked and raw...
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"Meat Meal" is bad, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, etc., are good.
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thought i'd throw my 2 cents in for fun's sake. i started clinton on science diet, but after learning about the by-products and corn they use, i've slowly switched him over to innova evo dry and natural balance wet. he loves the fishy flavor in the natural balance, and the evo has wonderful ingredients. his coat is already starting to show more shine and softness, however, he does have some serious kibble breath!
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Mitts eats science diet for kitties. We once had to buy Purina Cat Chow for him (the specialty store here wasn't open) and he DID NOT want any of it. For a treat, we feed him wet food, but the quality is uncertain. It's hard to find alternatives.

Tomorrow we go to a new vet and I am hoping they have some higher quality wet food.

On a side note, a relative of mine was a senior food engineer with the company that makes PAL (dog food) in Australia. He said the quality of the meat and the quality control were much better than for people food!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Jordan gets Petguard because he can't eat Baylee's adult food, tho I might switch him over to Nutro Kitten eventually.
hey - when did Jordan join the family? i missed so much in the 2 months i was gone
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mine are now getting the chicken soup kibble - they all seem to like it, altho they still want the junk food (cat chow, meow mix, etc) that i feed the ferals. they stand around just waiting for me to drop some, then scarf it up like it was juicy rib-eye steaks! anyway, Cable & Java also get a can of wet food each night, just to supplement - Java's not even a year old yet, & Cable is just barely a year old. i guess if she starts looking pudgy, i'll have to cut her off!
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my two long haired boys are on iams hairball remedie and my big bud is on medical preventive for his cystitis. they get canned fancy feast and lots of water.
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I feed them royal canine. At the moment I have the kittens food for my queen is pregnant. I also give them wet food and once or twice a week raw hart. They love beef one but lamb one helps them keep their teeth clean!.
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Iams. Or Natural Balance. Mostly Iams.

luv-Berry and her mama
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All of our adult bengals are fed a raw diet made by "BRAVO!" and Innova EVO kibble.

The kittens get the same raw diet and Purina One kitten formula kibble.
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We've always fed our rexes Iams dry (and canned as kittens). We've never had any problems with it. I did feed S.Diet and found my one pregnant female hated it - so we've fed Iams ever since.

IMO the grocery store ones are poor quality and most feeding problems/throwing up can be traced to the "dyed" food - like Meow Mix. I'd never feed any cats that stuff. We'd hear stories at shows about cats throwing up their food and 99% of the time the food was one with dyed colors - especially the red - and it was usually Meow Mix.
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I use tons of different dry food. My show cats can only eat certain things, my kittens I try to get to eat everything (to prevent an extra sensitive stomach for the new owners), my house cats eat different things - it goes on forever!

Nutro, Royal Canin, and Pro-Plan have been some of the best foods I've used.

I absolutely LOVE Feladae, it's such a good match for my needs, but no one in the area sells it (and I already drive an hour one way to get Royal Canin). It makes the cat's coats glow, so I talked a local store into selling me all of their samples since they don't carry the brand.

Other foods I'll use or mix with other foods (for kittens/show cats): Science Diet Natural, Eukanuba, Innova.
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I used to feed Iams, now I feed Nutro!!! The cats love it and I am happy they are getting more nutrition (sp)
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Originally Posted by emb_78
I used to feed Iams, now I feed Nutro!!! The cats love it and I am happy they are getting more nutrition (sp)
May I ask how much it cost s and which Nutro your feeding ( I am a Nutro demostator and get asked that alot for large families such as yours
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Well, I feed them grocery brands, like Friskies, and Cat/Kitten chow, but I accedintally voted "other" because I didn't see the option "Grocery brands (Cat chow, Meow mix, Friskies, Facy Feast, etc)" until I already voted.
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