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Dettol - Help!

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I stupidly put diluted dettol on my cats abcess when it burst, as is was the middle of the night and i wasn't sure what to do.
i put it on a second time today, and just realised it was poisonous to cats. i'm extremely upset, it's 1am and i can't find the cat.
what have i done? i feel horrible... will my cat be ok?
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Dettol is a disinfectants containing phenols – that turn cloudy when mixed with water - are particular posionous to kitties since cats are unable to eliminate the toxins following ingestion. Has the cat licked the area since that would be worse than it just being on the skin.

If you suspect or see signs of poisoning, you should contact your vet right away! In the emantime, you could also wrap him in a towel so he does not lick the area. (Or if you have an e collar tho I hate those). Do not try to wash it off because with some poisons, washing can just make it worse - it increases absorption. You CAN try to remove as much as possible. Encourage your kitty to drink as much as possible - this will help absorb the stuff.

But call your vet asap!!
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the cat has gone outside for a few hours,which isn't unusual, and i've tried looking for it, but the sneaky thing probably thinks i'm going to put more horrible things on it, so it won't come near me!
i'm worried, but i'll try to get some sleep now, as there's not much i can do. if the cat comes in during the night, i'll try to get some saline solution on it.

he should be ok til morning,right?

why don't they put info on these things?!!
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It is possible you cat is suffering some ill effects from using this product and can't come to you at this time. She could have burn on her tongue or the roof of her mouth, or other things worse could be happening to her.

Just another illustration to the arguement that nothing over the counter or otherwise should be used on animals without a vet's consent. I hope your cat is okay and not in toxic shock.
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Please search for her - this is a serious poison and she could be lying ill somewhere and need you!
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