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New Years Kitty Resolutions :)

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OMG!! That was sooooo cute!! and funny! I love the last but one pic....that kitty is to die for!!! Ooooowwwweeee!!! Squidge!! ha ha ha

By the way, Hel603, was it you who had that cool site with all the different smilies on? Could you give the site addy....cos I stupidly deleted it from my faves...duh!
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Yep - here it is:


Bod I also e-mailed it to you.

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What an adorable website! Thanks for sharing it with us!!
That second to the last kitty, the long haired grey, beige and white one, is to die for!!! What a doll!!!
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Toooo cute!!!
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Thanks Helen!! Expect to see some "super smilies"!! ha ha ha
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Awwwww...I really like the first 3 kitties...they are so cute!
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OMG that was so cute!!! I loved it! especially the one about not waiting until you've finished whatever your doing to give you that cuddle you've been waiting for all day.:laughing:

Thanks so much for the URL
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Too adorable!

I love them all, but the third pic, with the fluffy multi- colored kitten made me crave a kitty sammich!
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No Cleo!! You can't munch him cos he's the one I want!!! Hmmmm wanna share a sammich?! :laughing2
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Okay, but no onions and light mustard....and sourdough bread please?

oh phooey...that kitty is too cute for a sammich...lets just drool over it for awhile!
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Ok then.... I'll make him a rain mac!! hee hee (a nice flowery one eh?!)
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