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Smilies for Thunderbird

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If you Firefox users have also made the switch to Thunderbird, I've found a neat extension that lets you use ALL the smilies you could want in your e-mails! I've gotten spoiled with the array that's to be found on most forums and what comes with Thunderbird is b.o.r.i.n.g.


Just what I need, something else to play with

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I really hate Netscape 8 even though I completely loved Netscape 7.2. Well, I really wanted to upgrade so I coverted over to Firefox and Thunderbird a few weeks ago. It's not a huge leap since Netscape is based on Mozilla anyway.

Thanks for the link.
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Yah. I'm trying to figure out if I can edit the "library" of smilies that comes with this extension. If there is, it's not built into the prog and it looks like I'll have to add and subtract directly from the program files. There's a couple of, ummm, mildly risque smilies that I doubt I'll ever use (although e-mailing the hubby, who knows? ?)

Yeah, back when, we were Netscape users. In point of fact have NEVER used Internet Explorer, or their e-mail client, on our home machines.

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I don't know if you can add or delete the smileys. It apepars to be a question posted to the author on the website. Maybe he'll add it!!

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OK, I'm a geek. You can add and delete the smileys, but not from the GUI extension. On my computer, the extension was installed at:

C:\\WINDOWS\\Application Data\\Thunderbird\\Profiles\\4n9rvagm.default\\extensions\\{554c2c30-935c-11d9-9669-0800200c9a66}\\library

Copy all gif files you want to be available for insertion to one of the subdirectories in the Library folder (ie actions, characters, default, or moods)

Hope that helps
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Cool! Thanks, it saves me the work of going and looking for the files. I'll mess with it sometime in the next few days ... right now I'm fixing to start pulling the old muck out of my aquarium, bleh.

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