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What do you think....

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In light of Tiggers post regarding the woman drowning her 5 kids, I thought I'd toss a question out there to see what you guys think. What would you think of a law being passed that made it mandatory for anyone proven to be an unfit parent (ie proven and convicted of abuse, neglect and especially murder)to be made sterile. This means vasectomies for men who committ these types of crimes and tubal ligations for women. It would stop them from bringing more children into the world to abuse..but it does infringe on freedom of choice rights. I think they should be forced to give up that freedom once they harm an innocent child. So, what do you think guys?
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Whoa!! Thats a toughie!! I would say its a good idea to an extent, but then I don't really know because there is always room for mistakes.. I mean there is always a chance they could be wrongly convicted and have this forced upon them.... I can see both sides of the coin so I can't really decide... though I do think it would be a good idea for convicted rapists...(though I know there is room for mistake there too.... ) We just recently had a case here where a man raped a 14 year old girl and now she is 6 months pregnant with his child....I can't even imagine what that must be like... I mean its not the childs fault, but think of the constant reminder....I don't know how long the man got, but I gaurantee it wasn't long enough.
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I think that is an excellent idea. Several years ago in South Caroilna, it was discovered that a ob/gyn was sterilizing women who kept having welfare babies, genetically damaged babies, and I forget exactly what else. People were for some reason outraged. It turns out that there was an old law still on the books that made it legal for him to do so. There was a big movement to keep this law, but unfortunately, it was removed. I personally do not see a problem with sterilizing anyone who is unfit to be a parent or commits sexual crimes. I think they should use a rusty steak knife on child molesters!
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AMEN!!! (to the rusty knife!!)
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Is it 1984 or Brave New World where the people are required to take birth control pills and all babies are incubated in "Malthusian bottles" and raised by the state? (Malthus was an early economist, if I remember correctly.)

The problem lies with the phrase "unfit parents". It's a slippery slope. Maybe we could all agree that someone who murders a child should be sterilized, but what about physical or verbal abuse? Is spanking physical abuse that should result in sterilization? Some people would think so, others would be horrified at the suggestion.

We would end up with government guidelines for "fit" parenting and anyone who chose a different path (conscientious objecters) would be subject to interference. I think of all the difficulties faced by homeschoolers in the last 25 years trying to get out of the system, esp. considering that it used to be the norm. Then multiply that by the total number of children in the US, not just a vocal minority. Or people in China who register to have children and are penalized for having too many.

Since we already require children to attend school (the only other group of people who is as restricted as school age children, is prisoners), perhaps parenting or even baby-sitting classes could be required? Add it to the health cirriculum, I suppose, right after they talk about how you get a baby in the first place.

I think it sounds okay in theory, but putting it into practice looks extremely problematic and fraught with opportunities for abuse and government control.
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Not to mention that the little beggars are quick to pick up on ways that they can get away with stuff. I recently heard a kid tell his mother that if he didn't get what he wanted he'd call Grammie who would have her arrested for child neglect. I'm sure that the teachers here have had similar taunts thrown in their face.

Parenting classes would be a good idea and some school systems are trying to do that. But frankly I have my doubts. The education systems that we have "developed" of late are not the most inspiring things around. And Education Level is no guarantee either.

A couple of years back I stopped in a rest area restaurant in NY;one of those BK plazas. The 18 wheelers park at the back of the lot and the motor homes park among us. After I ate I returned to my rig and did my customary walk-around inspection. There was a big motorhome parked on the passenger side. To my horror there was a small boy;3 or 4 TETHERED to the side of my flatbed trailer like an animal. The parents were INSIDE the restaurant. I flagged down a state trooper and he just about had a fit. When he retrieved the parents the mom laced into me. How dare I criticize her. She was a college grad and I was a dumb F...truck driver.

If I had just started away as is usually done I would have run over or dragged to death that kid without even knowing. There are all kinds of nuts in the world.
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YES! There is a lady here who had her first child taken away because she beat him and threw him against the wall. Well then she had another and the state didn't get involved until she had like 20 calls complaining about her and now they took that one away. She had no business having the second one after the emotional and physical trauma she caused the first.
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Thanks for your replies guys..there truly are a lot of psychos out there. Its great to see the majority of you are in favor of a law like this...now the problem is how to get it instated. Anyone else with any comments to add, feel free...
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I totally agree with the concept. We've had several incidents in Connecticut where the parents go to the casinos and either leave their children in the car for hours while they support their habit (gambling), or they let their children run rampant throughout the casino, while they gamble. There are also parents who take their children to a Toys 'R Us store and use it as child care while they go about their errands.

When I was growing up, my parents were aware of my every single move. And while I always whined about how strict they were, I am SO glad they were! Todays parents are uneducation in child rearing. I've watched kids as young as 13 years old crying on talk shows about how they want to have a child. I was 23 years old when my daughter was born and even THEN I was far too young.

Then there are the women who have several children by several different men, forcing our state welfare system to pickup the tab for their food, medical care, education, etc. This abuse has been going on for years and needs to stop.

Krazy Kat 2, I liked your suggestion about a rusty steak knife for child molesters and I also think Mel has a great idea about spaying/neutering parents who are unfit. No other solutions seemed to have worked.
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Well, I'm asking again:

Who gets to determine the guidelines for "fit" and "unfit"?

Because I definitely don't want someone telling me how to raise my child. And once the people who've tangled with the law are managed, attention will be turned us average folks who just aren't mainstream.
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I totally agree with your concept! I don't know how this would work, but what about potential parents who could be a potential abuser to their future children? That should also be considered to prevent any inflicted abuse Oh, and child molesters, too..... I am talking about the ones who have gotten out of jail: they should be sterile, as well.
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In my original post I mentioned that the people eligible for this would be 'proven and convicted' abusers. I'm not saying pull someone off the street who you think may be an unfit parent and have it done to them. This person would have been through the court system and been charged with abuse, neglect etc.
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Kittyfoot, I just read this thread, and I was horrified by the story you related! That's insane! Did the cop do anything? I mean, it sounds like a very good case for child endangerment to me! Thank goodness you checked your rig first!

It goes to show a college education doesn't necessarily make you smart. (But I'll stay in college anyway just in case!)
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I agree with your concept to an extent. There's a margin of error in most rules/regulations. It'd be a hard call, but worth a try. They could always recant it.

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