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Does anyone have any feedback on this? Did you shelter cat develop this?

If so, what was the remedy?

I read the Health section on thecatsite and this describes my kitty to a T and I plan to take her to the vet. Thanks
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That's the thing to do. Good luck!! I'm sure your kitty will be better soon!!
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I found some sites with a google search http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q...ivirus&spell=1 and one the first hit http://www.animalhealthchannel.com/calicivirus/ seems to be a good overview. Good that you're taking your kitty to the vet.

Good luck and let us know how your vet visit goes.
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Yes get her to the vet.
My 2 kittens are just recovering from this virus. The vets care is important to make sure that she stays hydrated and to keep her temperature down, also there can be secondary infections which develop, my 2 kitties developed mouth ulcers but they are well on the way to recovery now.
There is a whole host of info on the web but an easy to understand site is www.fabcats.org.
Keep us up to date on how she is doing.

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Just wanted to give an update...the good news is, she has started eating and drinking again, and seems to be a little less lethargic (though she has been sleeping a lot, but I think that is stress-related from being sick and the new cat in the house, etc). There was no official diagnosis though as a precaution the vet sent us home with meds and gave her a shot yesterday and ran some tests. Unfortunately, we wouldn't get the results back till tomorrow. I brought up the calcivirus, she didn't exhibit any URI symptoms but did have a suspicious bump on her nose which concerned me when I first saw it, wondered if it was an ulcer. Plus the vomiting and diarrhea. Luckily, her stools are getting a little firmer and she is urinating regularly.

I will definitely post the final results tomorrow. Thanks all!
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