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Pics of Rudy Tootie

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Ok, got the pc fixed, so heres my first attempt at an album...bear with me, I seem to have forgotten how to do everything since this beastly machine went on the fritz!

Heres the link...I hope
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Thread Starter worked!

Thanks for the site Hissy, and I'll check out the Care2 site tomorrow Cat!

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I tried to look at the pictures and I got a screen that said the connection had timed out.
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Me too.......boohoo!!!!! I want to see kitty pics!
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Me three!!! I want kitty pics...and I want 'em now!!! Waaaaaaah!! :tounge2:
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*raises hand* same thing here! We wanna see Rudy!!!
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*chanting all together* RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! Give us an "R" ...give us a "U".......!!!!! :girly1: :girly2: :girly1:
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Give us a "D" and a "Y"!!! RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!
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Ahhhh thats how you spell it!!! ha ha ha ha ah...after typing it all those times you get mind block you know.... ha ha ha :laughing:
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(More chanting together) We want Rudy! We want Rudy!

Cleo! Wake up!
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A large angry crowd is gathering! This is no time to be sleeping!

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The sound of chanting can be heard outside your window:





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When you post a pic there, click on the picture and it enlarges. Look to the left of your screen and you will see a whole bunch of commands there. Scroll down to the last command "Link to auction" or something like that? Click on that and highlight those words you will see the screen split and see a text box? Click on highlight this text and this will safe the text. Come back to your post here and click on the dark IMG box then click your control button and v button and the text will transfer in the box and your pictures will appear. I hope this clears it up.
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Oh for crying out loud...I was so darn worked for me when I posted it...I checked back just to be sure!
I'll go back and try to follow the directions this time Hissy :laughing2

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...this should work now...please
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i'm glad it want' only me that got that timed out connection thingy. Luna(one of my kitties) was loooking forward to seeing another kitty too!
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I got one photo in the upper left corner of the window, is that correct?

What a cutie he looks like! I have the impression he doesn't sit still much. It's a bit blurry so I didn't get all the details, but I can see his regal bearing and that you must be dangling something to catch his attention. What color is he, seal point? Maybe chocolate? Not a meezer owner, I can't tell some of the colors apart. How old is he?

I love Siamese, they have such personalities and they just talk to you. Rudy looks like a great kitty, too.
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I finally got the right link in...and fixed the ones I goofed up before...told y'all I forgot how to use this comouter! :LOL:

Thanks for not yelling at me while I was messing up!
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Ohhhh Wow! Two Tuxies and a Meezer. You're so lucky!!!! They are beautiful!
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YES!!! you did it and they are soooooooooooooo cute.....
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Awesome cats, Cleo!! I especially love the pic of them on the cat tree!
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I love where he's in the satchel, like "don't forget me!"
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Your kitty pictures are all beautiful and they were worth waiting for! I especially like the picture of all three cats together!
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YEY Cleo!! you did it!! YIpeee!! What gorgeous babies!! Ooooooweeee!!!
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your cats are adorable!
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Ooooo...I love them! So sweet...kitty sammich's! hahaha! :LOL: How's Rudy's whiskers?

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His lil whiskers are all grown back and tickly!

He's such a freak though, I put the kitty bed next to the computer desk because he loves to steal my chair, and right now he's asleep on his back...on the floor right next to the bed!

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