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kitten food

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hello.. my dad found this little kitten yesterday and he gave it milk and solid purina kitten chow w/out water. the cat's stomach is huge and i'm a bit concerned. will she be able to digest all that? i'm not sure about the age of the cat. my dad found the cat yesterday night and so far it hasn't pooped yet, but i think it peeed a couple of times. should i be concerned?
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cats shouldnt have regular milk so she could be sick now. might want to call a vet and get general advice. good luck.
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Its better to give her kitten chow moistened with water if she is very young, and a bowl of water to drink.

Is the kitty feeling better today?
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If you're concerned about getting the kitten's weight up, try using KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) mixed in with the food, instead of milk. Milk can upset the kitty's stomach. You might even see how the kitty responds to a nursing bottle full of KMR mixed with water.
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thanks for taking it in. you have received some great advice.
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The "huge" belly concerns me ... has this kitten seen a vet? I strongly urge you to have her seen as soon as you can.
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we just started feeding our kittens wet & dry kitten food. They eat a lot, and they have big bellies, but not huge. The vet said there just fat or they could have worms. So it could have worms - you can buy wormer, or most vets will just give it to you because its so inexpensive.
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thanks for all the help.. my little cat finally pooped yesterday and is now doing fine. thankfully.. just a false alarm i guess. one thing i got to take care of is the flea stuff. since she's a stray kitten... she's infested with fleas. i gave her a bath this morning and used a baby shampoo. since she's so skinny i was having trouble taking out the fleas that bit her. i'm a bit busy at the moment and might not be able to take her to the vet 'til a couple of weeks more for i'm getting ready for navy bootcamp. i'm a bit sad too because i'm leaving very soon. by the time i get back she'll be big and won't probably know me anymore.
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