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Do you believe in Ghosts/Spirits?

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Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Have you ever saw one?
Good Bye!
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dont you find your self annoying by always saying good bye?
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Yes I do, and yes I believe I have felt some, but never "seen" one.....
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I do too. I have also heard and seen some things I can't explain.
Thanks for replying!
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absolutely! fact i've had several experiences with them
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If you want to talk email me at
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Yes, I believe, too. do you watch the show Ghosthunters on Scifi? It's coming back on this week, Wednesday, I think.

A few years ago, while living in the Detroit-Metro area, I was at a Christmas party at a co-workers house. Everyone else was in the living room, I was alone in the kitchen. I felt something behind me, but nothing visible was there. I know I wasn't really alone, and I scurried out to join the rest.

I currently live ina 80+ year old house, and sometimes the cats just sit and stare at the ceiling, apparently at nothing. Makes me wonder, and they do say that cats are sensitive to paranormal activity.
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Yes, I do. There are too many happenings that I believe cannot be explained away by science. And I have had several!
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I am glad I am not alone and yes I watch Ghost Hunters on The Scifi Channel. I watch Weird Travels on The Travel Channel and Unsolved Mysteries on LifeTime.
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Yes i believe there are spirits and ghosts all around us...some people are more susceptible to seeing them though..that my opinion...after my best friend was killed in 2002-- some very strange things happened that only make me believe even stronger that shes with me!!
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Yes I beleive! To many experiances not to beleive
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Originally Posted by PetLover
Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? Have you ever saw one?
Good Bye!
Several people I know have seen their Bridge Babies and I saw my Minnie kitty! I woke up one night after she had left me and there she was sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed! Scared me silly so I pulled the covers over my head and when I got courage to look again she was gone. She must have been discusted at me for being so stupid.

Another night, I was sleeping and all my windows were closed and I awoke to a terrible draft. I sat up and the draft stopped so I reached, in the dark for my ginger ale that I always keep on my nightstand. As I went to drink I felt something crawl on my hand. I brushed it off and switched hands for my drink and felt it again. Worried, I turned on the light and found ANTS all over my nightstand and my ginger ale and my water.

I am CERTAIN it was Minnie waking me up to let me know about the ants. If I had not waked up my whole bed would have been crawling with them by morning!

I also HEARD my Big Poodle BARK after he left me. I KNOW it was him as no other dog had a bark like that.

I only wish my beloved Corkie would visit me as I miss her so much!
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Yes and Yes
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I believe in ghosts & spirits... I think that some people are yanked away from life too quickly and still want to hang around the living. And then there are those who stay with their beloveds until they can join them.

My grandmother, on my dad's side... was my best friend. She died at the age of 92. A year earlier, my granddaddy died in his sleep; it hit us all very hard. Anyway long story short, Grandmommy called me and told me "he is still here with me, I can still see him".

I sort of wondered if she was losing her mind or maybe she was just seeing glints of light. But I loved this woman and I knew she knew what she was talking about. They were married for almost 70 yrs when he passed. Grandmommy said he was waiting for her, waiting to go to Heaven with her.

She died a year later, in her sleep... so yeah, I believe in it!
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I totally believe. I know when I die I'm going do some haunting myself. I've also seen a couple in my life.
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