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Read this please

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We have had the day from haydees. At 6:00 or so AM this morning, my step son was in a horrific accident. He was driving at ecessive speeds, couldn't stop for the stop sign, and skidded through it into a light pole. He had 3 passengers with him, all belted in thank dog, but they all went to emergency rooms. Two of the boys were released earlier with minor damage from the seat belts. The third passenger, a girl, has a fractured neck. Zach, my stepson is still in the hospital with a severe eye injury and a collapsed lung. We just got word that they will have to insert a tube into him, then they will call us back. I'm still in sortof a shock but hope things will be better.
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I am so very sorry!
If you need or want to talk you can email me at Paige@CentralPets.com
Again I am very sorry!
Good Bye!
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aw gosh how horrible
When we were in a car accident last year we werent speeding but the roads were worn out from breaking so much at that area. It had been pouring rain the lady infront of us fully breaked at the orange light so she didnt want to get flashed incase she went through red. and boom bf thought she weould have gone through but the distance was too close, so he tried to sweirve into the next lane but cars were coming so he swerved back in and smack. I had a nasty scratch from the seat belt and the police officer wanted to make a claim that he Hurt me on purpose!

This accident doesnt sound nearly as bad as yours but our car was totalled!

I hope your step son recovers *sending you loads of prayers and vibes*
take care of your self
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I am so sorry...but so glad no one was killed. I wish a full and speedy recovery to him and the injured girl.
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Oh how horrid. They are in my thoughts.
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Oh dear, this must have come as such a shock for you! I am absolutely praying for Zach as well as the injured girl. Please do keep us updated!
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Sorry to hear about your step-son's accident. Hope everyone is better soon. Sending 'Good Healing Vibes' your way.
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Oh no! What a frightning thing to have happened. I hope he's alright. I'm so sorry. (((((HEALING VIBES))))) Let us know how he is as soon as you can, I'll have him in my thoughts.
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Oh my.........thank God it wasn't worse than it was.......keep us posted.........
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I hope everyone involved is ok.
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I hope everyone ends up being ok!, I'm sending my prayers and good vibes their way
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Thanks for the good wishes all. We are heading back to the hospital soon. Zach was so out of it yesterday that we couldn't talk to him. It was tough, especially for his dad. He has raised his two kids since they were babies. I cant imagine what Dick is going through.

I'll check back later today.
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Give Dick and yourself hugs and warm thoughts..
I hope everyone turns out to be ok.
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Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to your entire family and to everyone involved in that horrible accident!
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I will add you to my prayers & be watching for your updates.
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I hope everything turns out well with your stepson, Leah. Extra hugs to you and your husband!
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Prayers for their full recovery! What a stressful time for you and your husband!
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Many vibes and prayers coming your way, for healing for your stepson and the girl, and for calm for you and your husband. What a horrific time for you all!
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More prayers & hugs coming your way, for your hubby, Zach, the girl & yourself. Maybe those of us who'll be praying for Racer, Hissy's horse @ 7:30p can include some prayers for comfort & healing for you all, too!
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I am really sorry to hear about what has happened. I am sending my thoughts and prayers over to you all and I wish Zach a good recovery
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They're all in my thoughts. for a complete recovery!
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I hope everything comes out OK. I am wishing everyone a speedy recovery!
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I just read this I'm glad the injuries weren't more severe. I hope his recovery goes well.
Take care. Keep us posted with updates too.
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Still praying for Zach and the girl who was injured. I know you must be terribly busy, but any improvements?
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Sending }}}VIBES{{{ for a speedy recovery to all involved and lots of to you and Dick
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Any updates?
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Oh yes, I'm sorry. Zach was released from the hospital last Tuesday and he is doing fine. This young man was very lucky and just got slapped with a neglegent driving. We have the ball rolling with the insurance company but I'm sure Megans parents will get a lawyer anyway. Megan has two fractured vertebrae in her neck and will be wearing a neck brace for quite a while. This is going to be a financial sting for Zach and I hope he learns from it. The insurance company told me that it will in no way affect our coverage and I was able to exempt him from it, so he is not allowed to drive any of our cars.

We found the place that he crashed and spoke to a couple of people that were there afterwards. He was simply driving way to fast, went through the stop sign, and crashed into an embankment. Luckily it wasn't a pole. The car was trashed. I mean its amazing that those kids survived this at all.

Thank you all for your well wishes and support. This thing is far from over but I am feeling a little better.
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I am glad to hear they are both doing better.

Thanks for the update.

Best wishes,
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Wow, that is great news! It is so hard for the kids, one stupid mistake and they really end up paying for it!

I'm glad he is ok, and sounds like Megan is healing, too.
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Thanks for letting us know I am glad that Zach is better!
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