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Esse Kitty, Great Indoor Raccoon Hunter!

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1 a : a small nocturnal carnivore (Procyon lotor) of No. America that is chiefly gray, has a black mask and bushy ringed tail, lives chiefly in trees, and has a varied diet including small animals, fruits, and nuts

Esse Kitty
1 a: Large, domestic short hair feline, placid and gentle. Overweight, sweet, lazy, and generally not concerned with the world as long as dinner comes on time.

1 a: What happened when Raccoon came to the door.

(LOL! NO animals were hurt in the making of this post.)

So there my houseguest is, sitting in a position where she can look out the front door. Esse, seeing as it's still incredibly hot here, is laying sprawled on her back in the screen door, seeking peace and solitude after a yummy dinner.

Suddenly my guest says "Hey, Michele. Didja know you have raccoons? And did you know Esse wants to kill them??"

On my feet, to the door in a flash, making sure the screen is locked and my house guest has not gone fully 'round the bend. But no, there is a grey face on a fuzzy body wearing the Lone Ranger mask...

Esse is alert. She is flicking her tail faster than fast, and all her hair is puffed up. And the most strange sound is coming from her. A snarl. A growl, low in her belly, emerges. And she hisses...hisses loudly and fiercely.

The 'coon sits there, considering his options. Try to enter the house? Slink away? Stay there and contemplate this very strange ball of noisy fur? It coos, loudly. It coos, lost in thought. It coos, not 2 feet from the door. And the coos send Esse into a frenzy. Up and yowling now, screaming and arched back and paws up onto the screen. And still the 'coon coos.

And I'm standing there, hand on the locked screen, wondering what should I do. The urge to get my camera is huge, but I don't want to leave the scene. Esse is really pissed off.

I step back, watching these creatures. I am living in the middle of a city, and I've got wild animals standing on my porch. I debate...camera? Call 911? Call my Dad? Laugh?

And then Esse launches all 20+ pounds of her angry self at the door.




I've never seen her like this. I reach down and sort of pressure her to come back, hand on her chest. She is literally vibrating from fighting energy, and tries to get free to climb to the top of the screen.

Simon and Charlotte come over, wondering at the commotion. Simon sees the 'coon, and flees. Charlotte looks at it, looks at Esse, and, adding a little hiss, Charlotte backs off. She knows Esse will protect everyone.

And Esse is doing her best to chase this intruder off. Pounding herself into the screen, yowling and hollering and growling and hissing and just having a fit. I finally manage to get her far enough away from the door so that I can close it...with no damage to me, the door, or her.

And there she lies. Fierce raccoon fighter, great indoor raccoon hunter...sprawled on her back at the door...just waiting another chance to show me she can fight off the evils of the world.

And no, I didn't get a photo. Wouldn't that have been a great one for Caption This?

Just thought you'd enjoy the story.

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Way to go Esse Kitty - you protect your family from that nasty racoon.
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What a good girl although I'm glad the door was secured cause a raccoon can usually make pretty short work of a house cat. Rabies also is a very real danger with coons. I'm glad your fierce girl couldn't get out. I really wish you could have gotten some pics though I bet they would have been neat. Huggs to your guard kitty, Howard
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What a grand raccoon hunter Esse is! Well, at least when there is a secured screen door between them.
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Esse!!! Esse reporting for Raccoon Patrol! Way 2 go,Esse!
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Yay, Esse!!! Seems you have yourself one heck of a guard kitty!
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Yes, Howard, I was making sure she couldn't get out...'coons can be very nasty. I would've risked life and limb to save her life and limbs; she might have attacked me, but she was not getting out.

And yes, Esse has reported at the front door for 'coon watch tonight, too.

I think what's surprised me most is that she literally went off...psycho kitty there for a bit. She's just so gentle and placid and mellow...I have never seen her like this at all. Even when she bit my face she wasn't behaving like this. She was really wound up.

LOL, but it was indeed funny.

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WTG Esse!
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