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My 'puter is fixed, but I need a 'lil help...

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WoooHooo...my pc is FIXED !!!

I now have my Browse button back, can spiff up my text, and use all the other wonderful options here!!!

Now...my problem...I want to make a photo album (or 2 ) and I cant remember any of the sites you guys use.

We completely flushed my system, so I have to re-install everything...but its well worth it!

If anyone can reccomend some good sites, I'd really appreciate it...I'm so excited, its been a long time since this thing worked right!

Also, I lost all my e-mail addy's...was a dummy and forgot to print it out, so if anyone wants to pm me your addy, that'd be great too!

Sheesh, I feel like a 5 year old on Christmas morning!
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Here is the site I use, and so far it has worked well, and it is still free!

Photo Island
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Free? neato, even I can afford that! :LOL:

My "paw" is good...thank you.

How was school?
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hmmm- unstructured, confusing, hectic, fun, exhausting, all of the above.....It's going to take awhile to get into the swing of things. Math tomorrow.......ugh!
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There's another site called Care2if you'd like to check that one out too, it's kinda cool for all of us animal lovers cause if you're a member they donate money to the Big Cats, The Rainforest and for Breast Cancer Research. You can have as many albums as you'd like. There's also a forum, the coolest ecards too.

I think Helen posted it once or twice, I've been a member there for about 3 years or so...they provide great service for a good cause.

Hissy, I know we don't talk much, but good luck in school. It'll get better.

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Gosh I hope so- but if I could borrow someone's brain for math class- I would feel better.....preferably Einstein- isn't it pickled somewhere?
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HA! Well, we all had our favorite and worse sujects, mine was Math/Algebra too. With some help I got through it and if I can...I'm sure you can too...I've got to get some sleep...I wish I was going to school tomorrow though! Have a good day.

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Hmmm Cleo I don't use any photo accounts, but I think I remember one called ofoto.com or something like that!!! Glad to hear the paw is ok! (got that stinky bandage off! heh heh heh!)
And.....what is with all that algeba stuff?!!! Do we EVER use it??!!! ha ha ha aha haha...gee's I SUCKED at maths...soooo bad......I still do!! Im sure you'll be fine though....
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Isn't it nice when things work the way they're supposed to??? So much easier!
Here is a link to a free website that lets you add a variety of images to your browser to give it different looks. http://hotbar.com/
They have a lot of good cat pictures too!
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OOOO...I have that too Lorie! I love it! I just have a color on right now, nothing fancy..

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Cleo, just wanted to say that I'm really glad your computer is up and running!
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My son told me about that site. I really like it too!
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I used Care2 for the album, but I also made one on Ofoto...they both were very easy! I like the idea that Care2 benefits animals and the environment.
I tried PhotoIsland first, but for some reason I had trouble with it..maybe I should read the directions first?

Lorie...I love Hotbar! www.hotbar.com I now have 3 cartoon kittens on my browser...they're darling! (if anyone wants to see, they're in the Cartoon section, in Animals, on page 4, second banner!) I really haven't spent much time at the rest of the site, but it looks great!

Thanks guys for the links .....MORE !!!
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