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Discussion for Torties/Calicos and any kinds of cats!

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this and it's a really cool message board for cats! I love cats and I would like to introduce you to me and my Tortoishell cat Primus (A.K.A Primey). She is cute, silly and really sweet! Just take the time to look deep into you cats eyes and tell them softly that you love them. I think Primey understands! How cuteee! If anyone else has a cat "thing" to say or if you have a Tortioshell (Tortie), Torbie or any other Calico/Tortoishell type cat, I would like to trade pics, stories and facts. To start out with some facts:
* Calicos are actually Tortoishells with an exceptional amount of white spots on the body.
* The majority of Tortoishells/Calicos/Torbies are females and a male one is uncommon but possible.
* Tortoishells/Calicos/Torbie are not a separate breed, they are a color. They can be Domestic Long Hair cats, Short Hair cats and many other breeds can have the colors (Black, Orange, White, Yellow).
I recently found out what a TORBIE is and it's very similar to a Tortoishell (TorTie).
Okay, letter me wrap this up, if anyone want to discuss more on the Tortoishell(torTies)/TorBies/Calico subject I'd be happy to discuss or share cat photos, stories and questions.
All other kinds of Cats are Welcome to!! Meow!!!
[br] Visit http://www.bayareacats.com to see pics of my Tortoishell cat.
and CatLibrary
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Welcome to TCS! It's so nice to meet you! I loved looking at Primey's pictures! She's toooo cute!
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Welcome to the site!! What a pretty little girl!! CUTE!! I have 6 babies at the moment.... two are mostly white with grey tabby patches, long hair, one is a black DSH, one is black/tan tabby short hair, one is a Blue Maine Coon, and one is a Black Cornish Rex...
So there ya go!!

Hope to see you around often!! Have fun!
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I have heard that male torties are usually sterile. I have a tortie girl named patches, she is quite an odd little girl but I love her to death!
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My foster cat, Tess, is a torbie. Her picture is in the thread "can you guys help me figure this one out".
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My Pepperpot is a tortie. You can find her oicture in the pic of my kits thread in the lounge. Welcome aboard!
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Oops I guess I can't post the same picture in two different places. Anyway, welcome to the site; you can find pictures of my darling tortie/calico Sophie in the thread "more pics of sophie" . She's an absolute sweetie, although a little bigger now than at 6 months old when that picture was taken. I agree, she knows exactly what I mean when I tell how much I love her
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Hi CatLibrary! Welcome to the cat site! I have 5 cats, I have a Birman,American Shorthair(Atleast I think he is!),Calico/DSH mix,Bombay/Balinese mix and a Havana Brown mix. I hope you have fun posting in the forums here and exploring the cat site!
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Hi CatLibaray,

I am new here too. I have 5 cats, all strays. The vet told me that Booger is a domestic short haired tortise (brown, orange and white) she is my talker and Gizmoe is a long haired calico (grey, white, a little orange and a black spot on her cheek (I almost named her Marilyn)she is more like a door stop but I love her. My other three are short haired tigers, 1 black/brown, 1 black/grey, 1 grey/lite grey.

Nice to hear about your cats.

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I'm a newbie here who also happens to be the human for a tortie. She's 6 months old now, and I got her from PAWS when she was 6 weeks old. We have a very close relationship. We do spend time playing games and really have a lot of fun. Of course I think she has an extremely high IQ! She has already learned the words, "toy" and "hungry?". She helps me do lots of things, and likes to play with the water in the bathroom sink. She's anywhere I am. If all that sounds like I'm very young, I'm really not - only in my mind!

The website and forums here looks like it's going to be an interesting and fun place to visit, and a good place to hang out with other cat lovers!
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Newbie here also, and we just recently took in an 8 (now 10) week old tortie we found on the streets (no pics yet, but they're coming soon). She's a feisty little thing and although she LOVES to play, she's very aggressive and bites and scratches a lot (you should see my hands), so I'm trying to break her of that now. She loves to be around me, and is currently sleeping in my lap. Our 7 year-old tabby Jake isn't too happy about the new addition, but I'm hoping that he'll come around soon. Our dog likes her though, and they've recently gotten into chasing each other around the house and wrestling (makes me a little nervous because she's so much bigger than the kitten, but so far no injuries).
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welcome to the board!!
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Hi! Welcome!
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Welcome! 2 of my gang are torties: Lilith is a "classic" (dark) tortie and her daughter Max is a dilute (light) tortie. They certainly know they're royalty!
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