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Yesyes! Tell us! I've admitted I have a dance routine for my cat to go along with the song I sing her!

It wont be bad!

Shhh I'll sing the whole Elliot song to you!

Li-li puddin' pie, sticks his bum right in your eye
he's real fat and thats no lie.
such a roly-poly guy

Treatsies treatsies treatsies food
He's always in an eatin' mood.
give it give it give it MEOW
what-e-ver he wants it NOW

Belly scritchins, uh.. no way!
Touch it and He'll bite your...

(start from the beginning)

I was singing it to myself one day wihtout knowing,, and when I realized I was singing something I wrote it down. Lol.

I havent yet caught myself singing something to aerowyn besides the normal unintelligable things. (which usually is saying their name over and over aain to a tune)

Elliot always puts his ears back and wont look at me when I sing to a tune to aerowyn's name :O But he loves it when I sing his name.
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One of the songs I sing to Peaches is: "Peaches has a big butt and she can not lie....." She's not amused.
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A few days ago, I found myself singing "Scoop...scoop that poop.." (Shoop shoop, doodle oodle oop)
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I sing to Katie, she must think I'm crazy. Her nick name is Cheeky Monkey, so this is her song...
Cheeky Monkey, Cheeky Monkey ra, ra, ra.... Cheeky Monkey, Cheeky Monkey ha, ha ,ha...

I have some other songs, I think they are crazy my self
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I sing to my cats, especially Emmy. Here's mine:
Emmy, Emmy, EmmyLou
How do you do?
I Love you,
Yes, I do.

not very original, I know.....but she doesn't care.
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when i'm in the kitchen and my cat comes in and just walkes around i sing to her "pretty kitty walkin down the street, pretty kitty walkin down the street"
and that goes on and on till she meow telling me "watever weirdo can we get down to feeding me now." and when i'm looking for her i just sing nonsense in cluding many of her nicknames goodbye now...
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Yup, guilty. I can't help it. Especailly a new foster cat. I sing to them alot to get them use to me and alot of times to actually get them to calm down. If I have a cat that meows alot in the car if I sing they quite down and sometimes even go to sleep. I probably knocked them unconscious with my voice but that is ok. I like to sing to new fosters that "We will go home, we will go home" song from King Arthur. I love that song!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
...sing nonsense songs to their pets??

I just caught myself standing in the middle of the lounge looking at Ruby singing `Ruuuuby Boobie, Ruby Ruby boobie, Boobie Ruby Boobie Ruby Boooooobiiiiieeee'. She was looking at me like I needed to be institutionalised!!

And I realised I've done it with every pet I've had!! Maxey does it too...lol

Do you??
ALWAYS! Corkie used to LOVE me singing songs to her - it really helped when we did the subQ fluids.

Kotton has a special one where I call her Kotti and tell her I love her. When she hears it she comes running!
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I just found this thread, so I figured I'd give it a bump!

I sing to Poncho... (to the tune of the Village People's "Macho Man").....

"Poncho Poncho Man! I want to be....a Poncho Man!" etc.

I sing a made-up song to Minou, in a high pitched babyvoice....

"Minou-Minou-Minou! I love YOU! She's my BABY GIRL! Awww, yes she is! Who's my baby girl?" etc.

Okay, I'm going to back to my corner now.

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Yes, and they are to dumb and silly to be repeated.
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