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Does anyone...

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...sing nonsense songs to their pets??

I just caught myself standing in the middle of the lounge looking at Ruby singing `Ruuuuby Boobie, Ruby Ruby boobie, Boobie Ruby Boobie Ruby Boooooobiiiiieeee'. She was looking at me like I needed to be institutionalised!!

And I realised I've done it with every pet I've had!! Maxey does it too...lol

Do you??
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I must admit I do the same thing..so we must be crazy together!!

I sing to Reilly

"Your just a purr machine.....la la la" you know that kind of thing..

I'll go hide now!
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You're not alone!
I tend to replace the lyrics of catchy tunes with their names and silly words. They meow at me as if to say "YOUR SINGING SUCKS!"
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LOL! "Bridgey woman...walking down the street...Bridgey woman"

OK! back in my cave.
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Lukey or Rufus substituted foor Felix......

Rufus the cat, the wunnerful, wunnerful cat
whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks..................
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When I was about 10 my best friend and I made up and entire song about all the cats we knew and we still know it to this day!! It is very funny and brings back such great memories of childhood...
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I do.. and sometimes I'll stop and think about what I was singing... and look around and make sure noone heard me. I scare myself sometimes!
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Yes I sing to my pets lol.
Good Bye!
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Top of the charts in my home, "Rink-a-Bink-a-doodle scooter".
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Sophie cat, Sophie cat I love you, yes I do......LOL
Yes, she thinks I'm nuts, but she purrs along!
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I just about sing nonsence songs all the time. In the shower, while cleaning, talkign to the cats or fish, etc. I just better not do that at work.....
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No, not me.... My mom. She spends the entire day singing stuff like that. And to the cats as well.... sometimes embarrases me a bit.
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Oh yes. I do it ALL of the time.

Dizzy Izzie....she's my little busy bee

Char - Lee girl. You know you are my world (instead of the song Candy Girl by New Edition)
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I always sing to them, " Your so sweet your so sweet you just knock me off my feet" Hey Kitty's
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Oh, yes, indeed! For my kids it's:
1. for Icy : Icy baby, precious kitty, Icy baby, kitten for me!
2. for Joey : Juh-juh-joey! juh-juh-joey-joey-joey-joey-joey!
3. for JC (aka Deetles): Deetle-eetle-eetle, Deetles, Deetles!
OR Deetles on the run, Deetles, Deetles,
Deetles having fun, Deetles,Deetles,
Deetles,Deetles, Deetles on the run!
They love their songs, and when they don't want to come back inside, I sing those songs & they come running. Maybe they hurry back just so I'll stop!
when I sing the 1st version for JC, he goes into a cute little dance, waving his tail & curving from side to side, very similar to belly-dancing - too cute!
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"Babycakes....you've got the cutest little babyface...." glad to know I'm not alone!
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I do to Kitters not a lot.. I tend to sing something along the lines of "who's mamma's little girl... Who's mamma's fiuzzy baby..." But my BF on the other had sings stuff like that incessently!!!! To everyone, all the time!! Any song he hears and he actually makes a lot of them make sense. It's funny!!!
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" Li-li Puddin' pie, sticks his bum right in your eye"

"whats up pussycat? Woooah oh oh oh... "

"Kitty witty bo bitty banana fanna fo fitty, mi my mo mitty, kitty"

Oh, and I also make Aerowyn dance to "ive got sunshinee... on a cloudy day, when it's cold outside, ive got the month of may"

I have her cross her arms and lift and stretch them, and then wave them back and forth to make coulds, and then I put her arms crossed and wiggle her to show she's shivering, and then I have her paws form an M, and then dancing from the left to the right commences, and whenever I say "you" as in "ive, got, you, babe, what could make me feel this way?" and when I say "talking bout myyyyy girll" I have her put her paw onto her mouth. "

I'm not emberassed. :P I think its funny. My cats tolerate anything which is good because I am a grade A non violent, only slightly emotionally scaring cat mauler.
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You could sing "Ruby Tuesday" to Ruby... hehe

I sing to Guinness and sometimes I really do think he is enjoying it....

I just sing the first few lines of Copacabana to him (but my own version!)

His name was Guinness, he was a showcat, with yellow feathers in his fur....

Btw, I can't stand Barry Manilow so I have no idea why I like singing this to him!
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Originally Posted by Gilly
You could sing "Ruby Tuesday" to Ruby... hehe

I sing to Guinness and sometimes I really do think he is enjoying it....

I just sing the first few lines of Copacabana to him (but my own version!)

His name was Guinness, he was a showcat, with yellow feathers in his fur....

Btw, I can't stand Barry Manilow so I have no idea why I like singing this to him!
Lol! I haven't sung it to her but we do call her Ruby Tuesday from time to time...hehe
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I don't think a day goes by when we don't sing to one of our kids. Always a goofy version of a song with their name stuck in somewhere to get their attention. Some regulars:

To fish heads: Muddy, Muddy, rolly-polly Muddy. Muddy, Muddy, pick him up, yum.
To Put the Lime in the Coconut: You put the lime in the Koko-Nut and rub along her tummy.

Hubby and I go off sometimes making up cat verses to the Whose Line shoe hoe-down or Irish drinking songs.
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Tom Jones' pussy cat song or

"oh Summer cat, oh Summer cat....how lovely are your whiskers" - sang to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree

time to run and hide!

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I always sing "I've gotta be me" to him. It's his theme song.
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I sing the theme to Caspar the Friendly ghost to Oscar. It goes something like this "Oscar the friendly cat, the friendliest cat I know" and I really don't know the rest. I sing so many strange off-the-wall things, I don't know what half of my made-up songs are.
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Funny you should mention this. I walked downstairs to the family room earlier this evening to find my husband singing to Ozzy (black black black cat with gold eyes), "Black cat staring at me ... golden-eyed moonshine ..." or something like that. I don't know WHAT he was doing.
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Absolutely! I sing all the time to my babies!
Sierra's my sweet baby girl. Sierra, my sweet girly whorl, who's the most beautiful baby in the world, little precious Sierra baby...
Serenity's new song while she is brushed:
Little baby Serenity, Serenity gets brushed, such a precious Serenity, Serenity loves to be brushed, what a good baby girl, pretty little Serenity...
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I am always singing to Tibby and Molly! I have all sorts of wonderful songs for them!

I won't tell you the words, as I'll never be able to show my face round here again - plus, i'm hoping one will be my 'one-hit wonder'!
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Ow go on Sar, tell us please
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I not only do it to my cats but do it all day at work too. I'll bet my coworkers are really missing me right now..... or maybe they're thinking I ought to take medical leave more often!
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I don't know if it counts as nonsense, but I used to sing Al Stewart's "Year Of the Cat" to my two. Invariably they'd leave the room.
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