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Hair Barrel Weavers??

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Does anyone have one of these? I just won one off of ebay and im so excited to get it and try it out!! I havent seen them around in stores here but I saw one on The Real World and had to have one! i got it for 19.00 which im assuming is good since i looked around online and saw some of them were 70! :-o Anyway I was wondering who has one and what are your favorite hair tricks??
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I might have one. I don't know what that is, so I don't know for sure that I don't have one.

Can you link to a picture or something? It sounds kind of painful.
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lol yeah its http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....MEWA%3AIT&rd=1

thats the one im getting i dont think itll be painful unless i burn myself!!!
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What exactly does it do to your hair? Is it a kind of curling iron?
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Ah, I get it now. That's the tool that makes those retro sexy big loopy wavy curls in long hair! But this is funny, how things can be read differently.

The product is called "triple barrel waver", not a hair barrel weaver. I just couldn't picture what a barrel weaver was, let alone how you could use one in your hair. I was trying to figure out what part of my hair was the barrel, and how the heck I would weave it. But its a Ceramic hair waver. Triple barrel variety. I'm giggling at how hard I tried to figure this out.

I have a ceramic straightening iron, which I love more than any hair appliance I have ever owned. So if this thingie works half as well as the straightener, you should be thrilled!
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lol yeah i thought it was weird some people have it listed as a weaver and some a waver. i dunno if its weaver in other countries maybe? i know the ceramic is supposed to be better for frizz so if thats the case im sure i'll love it! i can't wait to get it... i have an old big wave crimper ive been using but im sure it has a whole different effect!
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That sounds cool! I have a ceramic flat iron and love it! My hair tends to get a little dry if I use the iron on it every day, so I recommend you keep your hair conditioned (especially if it's chemically treated).
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oh i have to keep my hair very conditioned because its so frizzy! I got my waver today (SO FAST!! Lol) I was so excited I tried it right away and it looks awesome.
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