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Radio question for the day: 07/22/05

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Thunder/lightening you head for the basement or window???
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Neither - some place in between. I don't mind storms, but I do respect them. BTW - had a doozy this morning!
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I'm with Jan! During the day I think they're fascinating to watch -- from a distance. If it's the middle of the night my spot is usually under my pillow!
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The window for sure, I love to watch them!
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Definitely the window. When I lived in Florida I used to love to sit on the car port when there was a storm.
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Well since we don't have basements here in my part of Texas, I will have to say the window by default
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basement !!!
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Originally Posted by captiva
basement !!!
Oh come on'll be fun. Let's go out on the deck and watch!!
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I'm such a chicken! I've gotten better as I got older but still don't care for them!
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sometimes i go outside and watch, under the porch
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We watched an amazing storm roll in the other night. Could see the lightning bolts and I mean BOLTS from quite a ways away....

Meish goes under the bed.
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Ooooh window
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Neither - the patio.
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I stay in bed if they are at night but if they are during the day(which is rare, here) then I will go out onto the deck and watch. I feel sorry for my old doggy Jazz because she can't stand them and she just whines and shakes the whole time. I have to hold her through them because otherwise she about faints.

When I was in Sydney, Australia last year I will never forget the thunderstorm. The hail was bigger then golfballs and we were on the Harbour Bridge!

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Window, of course, the wrong thing to do, but I love watching Mom Nature cut loose!!
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definitely the basement!
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The window...and sometimes the front porch!
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Usually the window but the last thunderstorm that went through my area i started to wish I had a basement. Four lightning stikes in one block radius in a matter of 30 min. Scary! Ive never seen anything like that before! One hit my apartment building and im on the top floor!
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i am standing on the front porch!

I dont know how my kits will do, they have never heard thunder or seen lightning, we will see how they respond when we get back to OK!
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Don't get that many --but window!
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Typically the window. However around here thunderstorms can get nasty so I also head for the TV and the weather channel.
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my BF - window
Oliver - window
Tripod - under bed
me - going back and forth between the window and making sure Tri is ok under the bed.
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My grandfather was struck by lightning a long, long time ago (and lived), so that keeps me with a healthy paranoia! Also, a month or two ago a lightning strike in the middle of the night caught some little girls bed on fire!!! The little girl woke up, woke her sister up, and then walked to her parents room to let her mom know that her bed was on fire. The little girl did a great job of handling things but my goodness did that ever make me wary of being too close to the window. ESPECIALLY here in Florida - lightning capitol of the world! eek!
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If it's during the daytime here at work: I stand at the floor to ceiling windows and watch the storm.

If it's nighttime... open the shades and if the AC's not on, listen to the storm & feel the wind...

I'm one of those freaky storm-lovers I guess.
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me and all the furbabies hang on to one another i don't like lighting or thunder
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