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help, my kitten won't leave my laptop or mouse

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ok. I have heard that cats love mice, so why does my kitten insist on sitting on my mouse of my puter or on my laptop keyboard while I am trying to work? If I try to remove him, he sits on my notebook or paperwork so I can't work. He is a people kitty and loves my constant companionship though. He is my sweetie, but I can't lock him out of my office. He sits outside the door and cries.
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Sadie sometimes headbutts my mouse hand so hard that I can't work on my computer. They know how to get our attention.
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The simple answer is just because that's where your hands and attention are. How to stop it? That I have no idea!

I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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Welcome to my world!
I keep a toy on my desk at all times--when Emma climbs on top of my compter and lays down across the keyboard as if to say "Um, hellooo?" I throw her a toy, and that occupies her for awhile--esp. if it has catnip!
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A toy on our desks...good idea.
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My cats do the same, and I get these "funny" noises from my keyboard, and end up typing something like this allsmdjssns90w!!!!
I just thought they wanted my attention, and I am hanging on this computer too long for their like...I just keep removing them and placing them down on the floor, after some love....
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Everyone tells me Sophie wants to get in on what I'm doing. Maybe she has something to say? I don't know, but it's hard to see through her little furry body when I'm typing and she decides the cursor looks like something she'd like to catch!
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LOL. sunshine chases my curser too. I put him gently on the floor after some lovin and 3 minutes later, Hes back!!!. You would think he would get sick of jumping up and up. He loves the curser and definitely makes a better door than a window LOL. I will try the toy method, or maybe close the office door with him outside of it (if I can deal with the meows and whines). He is a lover and loves to be with me all my waking and sleeping moments.
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I raised my newest cat named oliver in my room. I often find him sleeping on my laptop... I figure it is for the heat.

This is a very odd story but i came home today and I swear to God he had my laptop in some sort of windows setup screen! (blue screen, startup) I dont know how he did it, but man it was funny.. Teaches me to keep my laptop closed!

My laptop stays awful warm and it smells like me so I could see why he'd like it.
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