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Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?

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Heidi mentioned in another thread that she's very right-hand dominant, which struck a chord with me as I am too, so much so that I tried ONCE to drive a straight stick car and then gave it up as a bad job as I simply cannot steer with my left hand in order to shift with my right.

Apparently 10-15% of the population is left handed, but what's the percentage here? Anybody really truly ambidextrous? Man, I wish I was sometimes! Keying on a keyboard is as close as I get!

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I am right handed. I have one daughter who is a leftie & when she was young, because everything was make for right handed kids, she had a rough start. She overcame it & now is a success in business.
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Hi Cindy,

I am right handed by training, but do most other things left handed. My left leg is stronger and I lead with my left in most things. My mom says I probably was supposed to be a leftie, but ended up being trained in a right handed world. I know I am mixed up but comon..
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Guess you already know my answer.

Very much right handed.
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I'm a total leftie! Almost everything I do is left dominate.

Simple tasks can be very difficult if you're a left hander. You really don't know how many things were made for right handed people until you've taken a stab at being left-handed for the day. Even can openers are a pain in the butt! Also when you go to sit down for dinner, if you're a leftie you have to make sure you're at the far left end of the table or everyone will get mad when your elbows bump!

I love being a leftie though. It makes me feel a bit special.
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I am right handed, but do a few things left handed. I started out as a left hander but was made to use my right hand when in school. My daughter is left handed and hopefully will not be forced into using her right hand when she starts school.
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Originally Posted by Sarobi
I am right handed, but do a few things left handed. I started out as a left hander but was made to use my right hand when in school. My daughter is left handed and hopefully will not be forced into using her right hand when she starts school.
They shouldn't force anymore, but if you notice signs of them doing so - contact the school and let them know it's not appropriate. When I was in preschool the teachers continually tried putting scissors in my right hand, I'd try to cut, couldn't, would drop the scissors and then pick them back up in my left hand. Just as I would get ready to cut the teacher would take it out of my left hand and put it back in my right! They thought I couldn't cut, when in reality I could cut just fine - if they'd just let me do it the way I want! Luckily a friend of my mom's was watching in the observation room, stormed over, informed the woman that I was left-handed and that she should have read my chart as it was clearly marked in there! So, just make sure they know she's a leftie and they shouldn't force her.
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I am ambidextrous, but still use my right hand more as that is the "norm". I can write with my left hand, although not quite as nice as my right because I never use it. As far as everything else, I'm in the middle as far as which side is my strongest side in what.
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Leftie here
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Totally right handed.
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I'm always right... opps I mean I'm a rightie!!!!!!!!! LOL
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I write with my left hand, cut with my right. I lead with my right foot but reach with my left hand. My left eye is stronger.

In first grade when it was becoming obvious that I was becoming a lefty, my superstitious grandmother told my parents they had to bind my hand to teach me to use the right hand. She said it was the Devil hand and I wasn't to use it. So I was using my left hand in school, coming home and being bound and relearning to use my right hand to write. When the teacher asked why I was switching the pencil from left to right and back again, I told her about the wrapping. She contacted my parents and they stopped the binding.

You want to have a laugh...try watching me tie my shoes. I look like I'm 3 yrs old.
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I'm right handed, but quite capable of steering with my left and shifting with my right at the same time...
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When i was a baby i used my left hand, then i fell into a burning stump and had to start using my right and it stuck with me.
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Ambie here... write with right since mom forbide me to use my left .... I eat with my left and some tell me that is not proper??
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Righty here, although I do a number of tasks with my left hand!
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Interesting, it looks like the ratio is pretty much following what it's said it should be, although it also looks like you ambidextrous folks mostly learned that from being left-handed to begin with and then being forced to use your right in a "right-handed" world.

Sharky, I suspect folks are telling you it's not "right" because if you were sitting at a table the majority of which is going to be right-handed you'll be bumping elbows. Also in formal dinner settings, the silverware is set for right-handers (not that I've ever been to a formal dinner *sigh*.)

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I'm a righty. But one of my four kids is a lefty. It took a while to figure out with him, because he kept switching from one hand to the other when he colored pictures. But I suspected he was a lefty who was trying to color like everyone else. Finally, he started using his left hand for the detail work! Then I knew. He was about 2-1/2 y/o.

My brother is a righty who doesn't remember being switched, but he does everything else left!
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im right handed,but due to a frozen sholder on right side,i had to use my left hand alot.now my arms almost healed im still useing mt left hand,although i cant write with my left hand.
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I am naturally right handed but I found out last year that I am able to gear change and steer a left hand drive while on Holiday in Florida, so mabye a little of left but mostly right handed.

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Good question - I'm 48, and still haven't figured it out! My family figured I was a "southpaw", until I unluckily managed to break my left wrist twice within a few weeks at the age of 12. My elementary school teachers insisted that I write with my right hand, and my left-handed grandmother taught me to crochet, knit, tie shoelaces, etc, with my left hand. I've had chronic carpal tunnel syndrome for the past thirty years, and at the moment have three fractured (and splinted) fingers on my right hand. I favor my right hand for writing, and use my left hand to open bottle caps or hammer nails, etc.. When I type, I use the 10-finger system when both hands/wrists are healthy, but otherwise use either a left-hand or right-hand "5-finger system". I thus voted "ambidextrous"!
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Primarily right handed, but I haven't discovered anything that I can't manage left handed, however clumsy, and there are a few things I prefer to do lefthanded -- such as peel carrots. I write lefthanded whenever I'm "helping" the cats, and it's easy enough that I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long to whip it into shape if I needed to.
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I'm a leftie there aer some things I can do with my right hand.. like I always surf the internet and go on here of course using my right hand, but thats because the mouse always was in my way if I used my left.

One thing that was annoying growing up.. two actually.. were scissors and notebooks. I could never cut with the scissors, which was a problem in science when we were disecting things... another things is that I used to get yelled at about having smudges on my paper when I was younger and writing, until my mother explained (and not very calmly either) that I was left handed and they should "just get the H*ll over it" I try to write on the right side with my left hand but the stupid spirals in the book get in my way, and the teachers never liked me to turn in a paper where the holes were on the right side. Which is stupid to me. Being left handed isnt unlucky or bad mannered. If people dont like me eating with my left hand, then I would consider the fact that I had already pointed myself out as rude, and try my best to burp and fart and make a big slob out of my self, just in spite.

I dont know why but it kind of annoys me when parents force kids to always use their right hands, even if tehy are left handed.
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I am a righty but i can eat with my left too, and ride a horse, or do anything with a horse with either hand.....*chuckles* you learn real quik on a horsey do use whatever you got.
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I write with my left hand, but that's about it. Most other things I do with my right hand.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
I am a righty but i can eat with my left too, and ride a horse, or do anything with a horse with either hand.....*chuckles* you learn real quik on a horsey do use whatever you got.
Come to think of it ... that's one of the very few things I do left-handed! When I'm riding Western and neck-reining.

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I put in my working years at a rather staid and conservative Institution, and at one of our weekly staff meetings, one of the woman managers replied to the Directors question of whether she was left or right handed, "I'm ambidexterous", and I replied, in a serious tone, "Gosh, I'd give my right arm to be ambidexterous !".

Lots of coughing and throat clearing followed this comment, and the Director gave me a long, searching stare, but never said anything about it.

I was prepared to tell him that life doesn't HAVE to be so serious, there is always room for a smile, but he didn't give me the opportunity.

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I am am right handed but my dad is ambidextrous he grew up back in the day when they though if you were left handed you were abnormal so they forced you to write with your right hand. You still can't read his handwrighting either way though.
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