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Cat Drooling in sleep!

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Hi all I am new to the forum!

I have two male kittens ages 4 years(Shylo) and 5 months(Smokey). Smokey is new to the family, I just brought him home yesterday but Shylo is the resident cat.

Now at night when Shylo dreams he tends to drool, is this normal? I hate the little slob bubbles hanging out the side of his mouth when he greets me in the morning and the little wet spots he leaves. Is this normal?
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lol, it's perfectly normal. A lot of cats (including my Buffy) are droolers, and they tend to drool the most when they're happy and relaxed. It's got something to do with their lower jaw relaxing when they're happy, therefore nothing's stopping the spit from falling out. Buffy drools a lot when she sleeps, and it's just so funny to see her raise her head and she's got a bed-head thing going on, and there's a puddle of drool where her mouth had just been. She's finally past the part where she'd drool when she was standing over your face and kneading. If I had a penny for the amount of spit-drops that fell into my eyes or mouth...
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My Spaz drools so much it just drips from both sides of her mouth.
This is why she isn't allowed to sleep on my pillow, she drools in my ear canals.

Perfectly normal though, and in Spaz's case (dunno about other droolers) the older they are, the more they drool.
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