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dont want to go back........

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I don't want to go back to that hell hole Today was my orientation at the new plant ........ I only got about an hour to 2 hours of sleep last night because I couldn't sleep. They gave us a tour of the fab, and let me tell ya ...... it is oooolllldddd! Theire production at this one is all manually ran, whereas the plant that I came from is modern -- you don't pour your own chemicals, etc. I asked about a VSP, and they said it is up to the HR department to decide.... Can you believe they thought I was actually going to start my shift tomorrow, after being up all day today! I told them no ...... I told them how upset I was that I was the only operator on my shift to get picked, and about the transportation problem. Hubby came early today, so I could leave on time, and if I am correct, his sup paid him for it. Course, I tell them I have to leave early, and they make me use my flex time (vac. time). And, they are making me use my vacation for tomorrow, too! Typically, when you get transferred to a new plant, or from what's been happening lately, they give you the week off, and then the week after that, they start your orientation, and then the week after that, is when you start your normal shift ....... So, I've had it --

I told hubby, I should just go to a temp agency and find a job paying close to what I make, and see if there are any temporary to permanent positions ...... He said go for it & if I can find one that can hold me for 6-8 months, then that's better. He wants me to find one, first ........ SO, tomorrow, I am going to call a few temp places ........ I want to try and get into administrative assistant, and usually, they pay good, depending on experience, which I have tons of clerical & computer experience prior to my job here....... It's just so frustrating right now

I forgot to mention ....... I am going to email the head HR guy over the whole "sector" and ask if he can do anything for me ..... Hubby's parents worked for the company 20+ yrs, and his dad has a lot of contacts.
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Man that sounds really crappy! It sounds like they are expecting an awful lot of you right off the bat....I hope your letter to them does some good!! Keep us posted!
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It's amazing to me how many of these companies in the "old days" when employees were there for many,many years seemed to make money and do quite well. Yet their new "bottom line" management who cut back,downsize and run to cheap labor drag these once proud companies right into bankrupcy. Then they bail with a LARGE "golden parachute" and are considered "good managers". What's wrong with this picture?
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Oh, you wont believe this, but hubby heard this from another guy that he works with, but first you have to know this: you see, back in Mid-November, a girl that I worked with was told by my supervisor that they (the supervisors) were going to be doing 'audits' on the operators ..... audits, meaning, if you have your boots snapped up, bunnysuit double-zipped, area clean of trash, etc. So, ok, the supervisor told us about it ...... Well, they can use that against you on your reviews, and well, now to the the part he heard: upper management is telling the supervisors to write something against you on the audit! Can you belive that &#$^! If it's true, it's sad, and that is completely wrong. I wonder if anyone's had the guts to report this to the big head honcho of the company?
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Wow, it's good that your husband's father knows that guy...maybe he'll be able to get something for you, but I bet since knowing all this junk, you'd probably be happier somewhere else. Who knows, but I betcha you'll get better pay too! This place sounds pretty bad that they've done that and if I were you, I'd get out now.

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