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Cat Biting Modification

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Hi, I have two cats Pearl and Brandy. Brandy is fourteen weeks old. Pearl is a tuxcedo cat, she's two years old, almost three. I figured I'd better introduce the cats now. I've been reading some of the behaviors of introducing cats here and I guess I'm lucky. Both cats are calm cats. Brandy is pretty calm, she only gets agitated when she's hungry, she meows and walks in circles, Pearl is very vocal, but Brandy only meows when she's hungry or needs her box and can't find it. I suppose she'll change when she's older? She's got medium long hair I think she's a calico. Anyway, Pearl is a domestic short hair and they both met last week. I have a small place so it's hard to separate the cats without allowing Pearl to have reign of the whole house since this is a one bedroom apartment with two large windows, one in each room. Anyway, the two cats seem to have separated themselves and there isn't any more growling. Now Pearl reacts when Brandy plays with her. Pearl likes to move her tail and randy is feeling safer so she plays with her. Pearl doesn't like it and she hisses and meows in that agitated high pitched manner we know when cats get their tails stepped on. Last night Brandy meowed like Pearl hurt her, but when I checked both of them, there were no scratches, no blood. I think Pearl is just simply teaching Brandy that biting hurts. Yes they're both spayed females. Yes I insisted on getting two females. Anyway, when the interaction gets too intense I clap my hands or gently swat Pearl's nose, I don't yell at them, just say one sharp worl like stop or hey and that seems to take care of it. This has been happening for two nights. They were actually walking on the same window last night and they do sometimes sleep under my bed at night; Pearl sleeps under my bed during the day and I'm notsure where Brandy goes, sometimes I se her here and sometimes I have no idea where she is. I figure that's okay from what I'm reading here.

I think I'm the one who is stressed out more than the cats. I don't want to think of my two year old cat hurting my kitten so I try to keep an eye on them. Pearl batted Brandy last night fo rno reason, Brandy was just laying on the floor doing northing, maybe lookign at her weird, I don't know. Well, Pearl went away but she's okay today, she's purring, talking to me, eating out of my hand, and no one has missed the litter box. NO oen seems particularly stressed out, I think they're just arguing.

But of course it happens at night and only I notice between about 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM. I know this is the hunting hours. So should I worry too much and what can I do to help Brandy modify her biing ehavior? She's not mean but she does hae sharp little teeth. I'm giving her towels and socks to play with but I'm not always around and so she goes and harrasses Pearl.

I complicate this by having the cats her efor two days then takign the little one with me ona trip then coming back, so the cats have been together a complete total of five days with a four day separation. I did add one litter box making a total of three boxes and I think I'm goign to add a fourth onejust to be safe. The adition of the litter boxes seems to have helped the growling and hissing end more quickly. At times I do separate them but I think only when I'm the one who's stressed out.

I haven't had cats in twenty years and never indoor cats so I'm a bit new to this and happy to learn. Luckiy I'm workign at home for the next month or so so I think I can help bond the two cats with me and each other and that will help.

All their shots are up to date and they're both medically very healthy and eating well.

So are we on the road to happiness?

Shleley (that's me) Pearl, and Brandyy
(s9rry I dont' have any picturs yet)
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It sounds like Pearl is simply trying to tell Brandy that she is the dominant cat in the household. Brandy is a kitten and their natural play includes biting. If left with their mom long enough, their mom will teach them that it's not a good thing to do. If Brandy gets out of hand with Pearl, she will put her in place.

It sounds like fairly normal adjustments thus far. If you are at all in doubt with them, don't leave the 2 of them alone together for a while.
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