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Hey Hissy

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how was your first day of class?
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My computer had a virus, but it wasn't terminal, and what happened was when I saved my work on a disk, instead it went spinning into the hard drive so then I got to search for it which was interesting to say the least. This one lady sat down next to me, the table is round and the computers are on the table, and she was sitting there looking all lost and finally leaned over and whispered "Excuse me, could you show me how to turn on the computer?" LOL I was thinking oops, I must be in the wrong class if she is in mine and doesn't know how to turn a computer on, but come to find out there are 3 classes going at the same time.

I learned a lot for my first day and have tons of homework to do, but I have a class in about an hour, so I am just doing some down time here with everybody.
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I'm glad you had a good first day I know there will be many more....you're going to fly through this
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