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Hey there

We just got a new place that we are leasing and the woman we are leasing from doesn't like cats...the furniture is theirs and I'm afraid that Reilly might dig the couch and whatnot....how can I curve his love of scratching??
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A cat needs to scratch -- you can't and shouldn't try to "curb" it. What you can do is give the cat something else to scratch other than the furniture. Cats prefer scratching on certain types of surfaces. You need to find out what your cat prefers. To avoid spending too much money experimenting, I'd suggest starting out with one of the cardboard box-type cat scratchers sold in pet stores. Add a good, sturdy, tall scratching post wrapped with sisal twine. You can also redirect the cat from the furniture to the preferred scratching devices by putting double-sided tape or Sticky Paws on the furniture to deter the cat from using it, and putting some catnip on the places you want it to scratch to encourage using them.

I believe you'll find an article on scratching under the "Behavior" link at the top of the page.
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You might also look into getting "Soft Paws" which cover the cat's claws so he doesn't do as much damage to any furniture he does try to scratch. But training him to used designated scratching furniture, like posts or cardboard, is best. You can spray it with or sprinkle catnip on them to attract the cat.
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