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new here,let me say hi

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hi my screen name is justy, i know this site is for cats, but justy is my 17 yr. old dogs name. i am a vet tech, in pennsylvania, and my first cat was a maine coon. he died tragically , a friend had come to my house late at night, and unfortunately, 'cuz the cat was black, my friend accidently let him out. this cat seriously had 9 lives, he was a very abused cat when i took him in. he had been an outdoor cat before, and hit by a car several times. i didn't ever let him out, just 'cuz he thought he was invincable!! so when he got out, i found him in a cornfield, and he would let me get about 2 feet away from him, and then he would run. like i said, unfortunately, he got hit by a car and was killed. so then i called the spca, and asked if they ever got maine coons in there, (i love the breed), and they said on occasionally. in the meantime, my neighbor had a siamese kitten she couldn't keep ('cuz she had too many cats), so i took her and named her iceis. then about a week later, the spca called me and said they had a maine coon, and that he was sick. they asked me if i wanted him, with the possibilaty they may put him down if no one adopted him 'cuz he was so sick. so i got him (his name is whiskers) and the first place he went was to my vet. he had urinary crystals, and had to spend a couple of days in the clinic, then i could take him home with meds. he is now 12 yrs. old and doing great. i got him when he was 1 yr. gotta go for now, talk to ya all later!!
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Wow!, that's great Justy!

Nice to meet a fellow maine coon fanatic!

Welcome to TCS!

I look forward to some pics!
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to the site! It's always nice to have another person with veterinary experience and knowledge.
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Hi there, Welcome to TCS from one of the few guys who hang here I'm Howard also known as BigKittenDaddy and i hope you enjoy yourself here.
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Welcome justy, iceis and whiskers!
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WOW your doggy is 17 years old? What breed? I thought my Jazz was old at 13!

Welcome to TCS.
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Hello and !!!
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Welcome to TCS

what a wonderful story about Whiskers bless you for taking him in and giving him the life he so deserves

I am sorry to hear about your first kitty - I am sure my cat Tipsy thinks he is invincible as well!! maybe you could post a tribute to him in our rainbow bridge forum so that we can all honour him

welcome again - i hope you enjoy it here
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Welcome, TCS Justy, Justy the dog (congrats - 17 years ), Iceis & Whiskers. Sounds like a great animal family. I hope you post about your job, too, I'm sure that you have many interesting tales to share! I look forward to hearing more! Susan
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Hi and Welcome!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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