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Lovely Gingernut has gone to the bridge

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Vicky (my daughter) is here with me and we are both heartbroken. She had to say goodbye to her beloved Gingernut last night.
He wandered into her home from nowhere four years ago in winter time. Sat in front of her fire and adopted Vicky. He was battle scarred, hungry, thin and dirty. From the first second Vicky loved him with all her heart. She nursed him better and he grew into a beautiful big ginger and white neutered cat. Thank you Gingernut for the love and joy you brought to us and we are both so heartbroken that you died in the way you did, suffering with Leukaemia with no hope of recovering.

Dear beautiful Gingernut, play at the bridge with all my furbabes who are playing there too, happy and healthy free from pain and suffering.

We love you Gingernut.
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Oh Anne, I am so sorry. Know that you will see Gingernut again one day and he will headbutt your legs and purr in your ear and thank you for releasing him from the pain that surrounded him in those last days-
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I am so sorry for your loss...Rest in peace Gingernut
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet kitty.
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I am so sorry. RIP sweet Gingernut.
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R.I.P. Gingernut
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Condolences on the loss of your and Vicky's beloved Gingernut. He sounds like a big sweet love. Rest in peace, big guy!
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Oh-My hugs to you and your daughter....RIP sweet angel..
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We all love you, sweet Gingernut. We are happy that you are not in pain any more.
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May Gingernut R. I. P. At least take comfort in the fact that she won't suffer anymore.

Let Vicky know she'll be waiting for her at that bridge...
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Condolences on your loss of Gingernut... Your daughter Vicki was a beautiful angel, to have taken in this wonderful kitty soul & given him the chance to know a loving home. Now, he has gone on to his reward, and someday, he'll be waiting for Vicki on the other side of RB, to become part of her reward. Godspeed, Gingernut - and enjoy playing with all our other TCS kitties who have crossed ahead of you! Hugs and prayers, Susan
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Oh no, Ann! I'm so sorry you and Vicky lost Gingernut! How very painful this must be for both of you. Gingernut has been such a part of Vicky's life these precious four years. Your so right, dear friend, this precious little one is now so happy playing joyfully over the Bridge in perfect health. You and Vicky remain in my prayers, Ann.
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I am so sorry for the loss of Gingernut, it sounds like your daughter gave him a wonderful life and he was lucky to have someone that cared enough to give him a chance.
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Thank you everyone I am so pleased that Gingernut is not suffering now, but the tears still flow. Time is a precious healer and I am sure Vicky will find love in another furbabes heart, but Gingernut was her special boy. He sure was special, but then we have to be grateful that God allowed us to borrow him for these past four years.
I have told my four furbabes what has happened and I am sure they know. They have been so loving to Vicky this weekend it is incredible.
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My thoughts are with you and Vicki at this time. He knew where to find love and security and he will be watching over you both until you meet again at the bridge. RIP Gingernut.
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