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Cats and Snow.

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Anybody got any Cat/snow stories? We had about 3 inches of wet snow last night. I went out first thing and shovelled off the front path. Both boys stared out the door but wouldn't set foot outside. Later my neighbor came over with his plow truck and cleaned up the rest of the yard. While he was plowing Tic and Tac watched every move intently and as soon as he drove away they demanded to go inspect the job. When they come to unbroken snow they sit and look pitiful until I walk thru it and then they follow along,hopping from footprint to footprint. Of course I have to memorize all their "favorite" stopping points.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Sorry kittyfoot, all my guys are locked up in the house. I think the closest thing they have gotten to frolicking in the white cold stuff is when the dog comes in after having a nice romp and he shakes it all over them:tounge2:
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Spawn always 'helps' me shovel snow. She really likes cleaning off the Jeep for me ~ she'll jump up on it and use her front paws to throw it off... usually onto me. She's never used her claws, I'm SURE she's worried about my paint. When she gets the roof done to her satisfaction (a couple of clear spots, and lots of kitty tracks later) she'll jump down and help with the sidewalk.
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Oh thats so cute Jin. Would love to see that!!

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I've never seen a kitty in the snow! When I worked up north, I don't even recall seeing one cat! Jeeesh!

That's really strange!
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Hmmm not really any "stories" as such.... but last year it snowed a ton here and Merle (my long hair Whaite and grey tabby) seemed to be a tad confused about snow!! He'd just sit there in it looking at it....just staring for ages....then he'd maybe move a littleand stop to see why his paws were sinking!! ha ha ha....eventually he loved it and kept rolling around in it...then wanted to come inside with about 50 snowballs hanging off of him.... but it was sooo funny to see him waddeling along with these "swinging snow-balls"!! ha ha h I think I have a picture somewhere..... I'll try to scan it on tonight...(if I can find it!)
Jin that is waaaay cute!! I love to see kitty prints on the car...you can't beat it!!
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My kits are all indoor babes, but we always bring in a big old pan of snow and let them have-at-it! It is so fun to watch them all, and especially the young ones, who have not experienced this before. When it snows, they sit and watch it for a long time...wondering what it is I think.
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My kittens all sit on their little kitty window seat when it snows and intently watch the snowflakes falling- if one comes close to the window they try to grab it My big kitty Onyx is the only one who goes outside and he hates the snow. He'll stand in the doorway lifting his front paws one after the other shaking them as if he can feel the cold stuff on his feet already. Then he goes out for about two seconds to 'do his business' and then hes right back in. I have to stand at the door and wait for him

Last year we had a huge snowstorm and Onyx happened to be outside when it started and he ran for cover even though I called for him. He stayed in his hideout for two days before he'd come out, I was so worried!! I'm still not sure where he hid as he ran towards the woods behind our house, but he was warm and dry when he finally came back. Poor baby!!
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hee hee! While it was snowing last night Akira went out and I'm not quite sure what he was doing but he ran from one end of the yard to the other ad back again and then around in cirles. It was too funny!
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Yesterday, I put a harness on Rascal and took him outside for the first time. It was a nice day. The snow is a few days old. He sniffed everywhere but he got scared of all the new sights, smells, and sounds. He wanted to go back inside. We stayed outside for fifteen minutes, then we went back inside.
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GreyCat spent his first 16 years in a barn, but he's gotten accustomed to the easy life since May. He ran out the door Monday when I was tossing corn cobs to the squirrels, but stopped fast when he hit the snow. He tried to hold all 4 paws up at once, unsuccessfully. I rescued him from his dillemma, but I've been teasing him ever since about his "hover" mode. He's still sulking.
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:laughing: I can just imagine that, alexnell! How funny!

Cat ~ I've been searching for this picture I have of Spawn out 'shoveling' snow, but it's not where it should be! I was going to post it so you could see a cat in the snow, but I don't think it's gonna' happen now. Sorry! (Hey, I had good intentions! )
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Well that makes two of us!!! I can't find the photo I mentioned either!! Sheesh!! I'll have another peek tonight....
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In our livingroom we have a sliding glass door and window across most of the outer wall. When it snows at night we like to put the lights out, open the blinds, and put on the outside light and enjoy the beauty of the snowstorm. This year we couldn`t wait foar the first snowstorm, because our youngest, Rocky, is especially playful. Well, he didn`t disappoint us! He spent most of the night jumping up and trying to catch the snowflakes through the glass. We, too, choose to keep our cats inside, but I like the idea of bringing in a pan of snow to satisfy their curiosity. Maybe I will try it in the next storm!
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Well here is a pic of a kitty in the snow. Wayne sent me this awhile back and I am sure he wont mind me posting it. This is Wayne and Tic on top of the pile of snow. Taken last year if I remember right.

Hope I can do this right...lol

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hahaha! OMG! That's Tic huh? hahaha! :LOL: How adorable! Great pic!!!! Thank God he has some black on him! Hey, if people have white cats...how do they find 'em in the snow!

Thanks for the pic Meme and thanks for thinking about me Jin!!!

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Wayne and Tic again!
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Hey, if people have white cats...how do they find 'em in the snow!
You look for their shadow?????

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haha! Or maybe the tootsie rolls? Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!! hahaha! BAD CAT! HAHAHA
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