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Airborne kitty

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I'm moving across the country with my 1 yr old male neutered cat, Professor Growleypants. Kitty and I are flying, so any tips about how to best deal with him on the airplane are much appreciated. According to the FAA he will NOT be going through the metal detector, so does that mean he has to be on a leash in order to accompany me through the metal detector? And since he was microchipped by the SPCA, will this set off the detector?? I'll have a health certificate for him and am considering getting a sedative from the vet as well since he's very skiddish normally.

Also, the Professor and I will be staying at my mother's condo for a few months. I really want to make sure he settles into his new home as fast and easy as possible and avoiding ANY marking of the territory so that mom welcomes him. I'll be bringing dirty linens like my bedspread that he is used to and that will have his and my scent on them, but I also thought he might be more comfy if I brought (yes this is gross) used litter with me. My thinking is that he'll be like, "oh, I've already marked this territory, I guess its mine and everything's cool."

Lastly, the Professor's new home has lots of woods and trails nearby, whereas up till now he has been an urban kitty. I'm thinking of getting his outdoor shots and seeing if he'll take to a leash and getting some exercise in the woods with me (since he has a little potbelly already and has been eating diet food --Wellness-- for a few months now with no marked difference). How to best ease him into this and used to the leash?

Thanks for your tips!

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I'm going to move your thread to the Care and Grooming Forum where members often discuss moving and travelling with their cats.

Good luck with your move!
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I just put my kitty on the airline for the first time last week and I was quite nervous...actually that's a lie....I was a nervous wreak!...But as everyone told me..kitty handled the move quite well. My suggestions

- put some clothes or towels in there that smell like home or like you to keep him company
- ask your vet if a sedative is the way to go for your kitty...( I had Reilly sedated for the trip)

as far as the airport goes, I had to take him to a special area and take him out of the cage. They don't put kitty through the detector but they will put his cage through. So maybe bring the leash (I just held my kitty until they were done)

If you have any questions you can PM me!

If not good luck with your trip!
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Seamus and I flew a couple of weeks ago and are leaving again tomorrow. When I went through security, they didn't offer me a room to take him out of his carrier, and I didn't think to ask. I just held him in my arms and walked through the detector. He was surprisingly calm. And while we were on the plane, he barely made a peep. Coming home, I had a longer layover in Atlanta then anticipated. I found a quiet area of the terminal and let him out. He was on his leash and harness. I think he spent about 15 mins rolling around the floor and stretching.
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I have taken YY on the plane to Florida (3 hr plane trip with one stop). Make sure she is with you in cabin but that sounds like what your ln is. Don't sedate her with a tranquillizer - my vet dislikes this for good reason. One cannot watch your ct constantly ans asleep, they can smother or some other mishap occur. So I opted for Rescue Remedy which worked wonderfully!! Another option is another herb whose name has left me - oh - cocculine. YY was fine- she meowed a few times but there is noise on the plane and my seatmate hardly noticed. Also ,ask to go on early (like when they ask ppl who need assistance) so you have time to settle in. Make sure the medical certificate is no more thaqn 10 days old.

Good luck with the trip.

I have indoor kitties (I m too worried about what might befall themoutdoors tho they do go out on a leash) so I am no help on the 2nd question. I do know it is recommended that a cat should remain indoors in a new community for a gppd while - a week at least - till he is used to the area and the home. Otherwise, he may get lost and try to follow his scent home to his old home and make matters worse.

I too love the name!
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Great suggestion of Rescue Remedy!! I have some already from the last time I left him with a sitter. I think I'll start adding that to his water whenever I start packing...
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I burst out laughing when I read your cat's name!!

here's a great site to help!
(how to travel the world with your cat)
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I just took some kittens In flight to AZ. your right the kitty does not have to go through xray but the bag does. They just had me hold my kittens and walk through once the bag was there they went back into the bag. That was it. They stayed in their bag the rest of the time.

I myself wouldnt use a sedative, i have heard things can happen at the altidudes. A shirt or blanket that smells like home, and maybe a spray, like feliway? or something would help out. My kits were good, once they settled in on the plane they just slept.

GOOD LUCK with the move.
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