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My bf wanted me to post this...

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Well, since we moved in together and we have got Sunday and Sashka with us, Maxey has been having to get used to sleeping with cats he's not used to every night. Princess was a very intense cat to sleep with - she was VERY loving and demanding and would wake him up at 5 every morning with incessant head-butts and purring and licking and poking. But she was HIS cat and he was completely used to it. Anyway now that we've moved Princess is not with us because she is happier with her sister at Max's mum's, but we have Sunday on the bed every night.

Sunday, too, is very demanding but only because she wants lots of cuddles. She wants to stay close to your face and be snug with you all night. Well, I am completely used to this but she isn't used to having to share her bed with two people, and Max is not used to her ways. Apparently for the last week he has not had a wink of sleep as she pads all over his face and head, trying to get comfy, stealing the doona, and generally taking over. He thinks that I am dead when I am asleep because he spends half the night going, `SUNDAY!!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!!' and says I do nothing but turn over or mostly not even respond at all!

How does your SO respond to the kitties on the bed??
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Actually Normally Gibby harrasses me, and jason puts him of fthe bed once I've started whining.. so it works out.
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My husband says he hasn't had a wink of sleep in the 7 years we have been together because of my cats (I have 6). Then to make things worse I started fostering and bringing extra cats home to torture him at night. Luckily I sleep like a brick and as much as they try they don't even wake me anymore. I have one that likes to sleep on your chest (he is 16lbs) and bite your nose, your cheek, your neck, pretty much anything he can bite to get your attention. I have one that steals my hair things out of my hair by ripping them out, I have one that likes to just chew on my hair while I sleep, one that likes sleeping under the covers and the list goes on!! But I am not like most people, my hubby would go before my cats. He has learned to deal with sleep depravation!!
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What choice does he have? After 5 years with Sunni, he'd adjusted pretty well, actually. Then we got Sophie after Sunni passed, and he says it's like dealing with having a new baby in the house all over again. As she is jumping and somersaulting all over the bed (and him, in the process), I remind him...she IS a new baby! And, we're a package deal!
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For the first 10 years together, my hubby kept the cats at bay. When they would come near him at night and wake him up, his reflex action was to bat or kick them away. They stayed away from him for many years and piled up on my side of the bed.

But in the last 7 years, he has invited them on his side and actually gets upset if Scarlett lingers too long on my side before she curls up under his arm. Most nights he has his 2 girls tucked under either arm and Stumpy between his legs. I don't think he sleeps well unless they are snuggled against him.

He still does the rabbit kick out of reflex if they happen to land on him in play (when he is asleep), so the cats have learned not to play on the bed. It's now rare, and I hate to see them get kicked (even when he doesn't realize he is doing it), but it sure has made the bed "sleepy time" rather than "play time". A bonus for both of us.
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My hubby invites the kittens to bed. He loves them sleeping with us. My only issue is that my hubby is a bed hog, and the kittens like to sleep on me. Basically there is 2 large fluffy adults, and 3 kittens on half of a kingsize bed.
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Oliver is the king of everything , and that includes the bed... he HAS to be curled next to his mommy's head to sleep and will go to any lengths to get Jim out of the way... still being in college and in a small apartment, I only have a twin bed for the 3 of us... we've gotten to the point where the trundle bed under my daybed has to be pulled out and raised up to make a queen sized bed for sleeping time... otherwise, Jim and I would have no way of sleeping in the same bed! I guess Oliver feels he is more important and is of higher rank than Jim will ever be, haha and according to the kitty, I am his mommy way before I am Jim's girlfriend!
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my husband sometimes gets annoyed when nass takes up his side of the bed, he will go to the bathroom and when he gets back nass will have taken his spot he just moves her to the end of the bed though.

pandy doesn't bother him because she only headbutts and cuddles me, she mostly leaves my husband alone although sometimes i will hear him go 'ewwww, cold nose!' and i just know pandy has eskimo kissed him, she just loves doing that
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We have completely opposite sleep schedules which works great.
At night I get the bed, shared of course with my dog and two to four cats.
They never bother me.
He sleeps during the day, so he gets the bed and always Shadow, and sometimes one other cat.
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He has adjusted amazingly well to it. Although he does not like when Loki steal's his spot. which used to be often. now they have an arrangement if i am still sleeping when he gets up to go to work, he will place loki in his spot and they both know they are taking care of mom

the other kitties come and go..

and our adopted girl that Athena brought home, Jade always sleeps by my head.
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He was the one who convinced me to get a cat to begin with -- he grew up with cats. Lucas sleeps either between the two of us (even when we snuggle, Lucas finds his way in the middle), or he sleeps on top of my boyfriend's stomach, somehow Lucas likes that spot, but my boyfriend doesn't like it at much, and always puts him back in the middle.
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