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A question for the horse owners

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I hope this doesn't sound odd.
My neighbor's girlfriend (? unsure of status) moved in last fall, this spring they put up a fence and she brought over her two horses. They have built a shelter for them. My question is in the over the past few weeks the fly population around our house has really increased. When I'm outside esp in the veg garden which is alot closer to the horses (perhaps 125 ft or so) I have been bitten by flys. These are not mosquito bites. We do have a small amount of deer flies but these look similar. The reason I'm asking is that these bites leave welts/bumps that take several days to disappear.
Do any of you have experience with this??? What do you do?
My hubby states these are coming from the horse droppings.
She goes go around and pick some of the droppings up and remove them to another area on the property (they have 2 acres).
Would it help if I sent up a fly trap?
Any insight would be great!!
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Flies and horses go together, I am afraid. If she is zoned for it you might suggest she get a few chickens. They will peck through the manure and get rid of most of what attracts the flies in the first place. Tell her that any standing water is an invitation to flies and mosquitos and she should scrub out her water buckets/troughs every day in the summer. I know , it is a pain in the rear, but it helps to keep the flie population down. Also tell her about a product called Dry Den (or maybe it is Den Dry?) Anyway, it has microbiotic agents inside the bedding to control flies as well.

For you- I would get a giant flyswatter!
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Big flyswatter like Ma said, and fly strips will help.

Yup horses and flies go hand in hand! Not much that can be done, just properly manageing them on their half of it.

Good luck! Flies are such a PITA!
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Yes, we have more flys this year than usual. And some look like regular flies, but will bite! We use a big can of barn spray, and it helps decrease the population. I never thought of getting chickens. (But I really don't like chickens very much!)

The fly traps help some, but the stuff to attract the flies is very stinky, so you won't want it anywhere near you.
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Time to put on insect repellent, unfortunately!!
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Personally, I have learned the hard way to not use insect repellent or any type of chemicals around my horses. Most fly sprays contain pyrethrin and this is one of the causes of liver disease in horses a fact I found out sadly, quite recently when it was suspected that one of my horses may have this. Also if you apply repellent and your cat licks your arm, you cat could get sick. The same goes with barn cats that walk over where you just sprayed your horses with fly spray.

You can use flypaper, fly strips and nemotodes which are all fairly safe- just keep the flypaper up and out of the way of kittens or cats-
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In the past when the neighbor a quarter mile down the road still farmed we had lots of flys-I have that fly trap with the smelly repellant which wors good-nut once an animal got it out the tree I had it hung and knocked it over. I have some of those sticky things though. Also FYI I just read this in MI states horticulture website-deer flys are not attracted by smell as mosquitoes are-they recommend wearing long hair up I think they are attracted to motion-I would have to go back and read. I haven't been using spray much this yr and have the new cutter advanced and also some herb oils.
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