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Vet call?

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Either Friday or Saturday evening ( I can't remember which now) I had given Bacardi her pill. Not 30 minutes later, she began to pant and breathe rapid shallow gasps. Her respirations shot from 26 to 108 in a matter of seconds. She was drooling and shaking and I was totally panicked. As I was on the phone trying to get past the answering service to talk to my vet, Bacardi started crying and her cries were non-stop and wrenched my heart. I have never in my life heard more plaintive and searing cries from a cat. She was constantly crying non-stop for almost an hour. I had to carry her upstairs to the cat room and sit with her while waiting for a call-back, because the other cats were also getting upset.

In retrospect, I know she was aware that something was horribly going wrong with her body and she was panicked and confused and alerting me to this horrible change happening. I tried to keep my breathing even and just held her wrapped in a towel, until finally a vet called me back. The vet was the head of the clinic, and he had never seen Bacardi but when I told him the symptoms, he knew about feline hyperesthesia and asked what meds I was giving her. When I told him, he informed me that I wasn't given the proper meds for her! I was stunned- he told me to induce her to vomit, then once she did give her some grasses to settle her stomach.

Later I talked with Sandie (from this board) by phone and she was so helpful as well, talking me down off my meltdown mode, and helping fill in the gaps of what the vet didn't tell me. Not only was the pill not the correct one, but the dosage was to high as well.

I thought I had found the right vet. He excels with my horses and my dogs, but now I am loath to take Bacardi in to this clinic. Instead, I am going to take her to another vet who specializes in cats only specifically internal medicine and see what he has to say.

I thought my cat was having a heart attack and when it was all over I comforted her as much as she would allow and swore to her I would never give her another pill without knowing what it was, what it would do, what it was for. I have never been so scared and rattled in my life when it comes to animals and if that vet even decides to bill me for the meds, I am going to tear up his bill and visit him leaving with him a piece of my mind.
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Truly a scary situation to be confronted with! How horrible! Curious, though...didn't this medicine help at first? Was it possibly that it took this long to build up in Bacardi's system? Either way, I guess that's irrelevant as the Head Vet confirmed its the wrong med. Better to find out now. Did he happen to say if there's a chance that this episode or any of the others would leave permanent damage?

Wasn't it HIS office that prescribed these meds in the first place? Sheesh, how about some consistency within a practice!

Truly unforgivable.

I'm glad to hear you're once again on the road to recovery with Bacardi. She's extremely blessed to have you caring for her.

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was that the vet had changed her meds and I had gotten the new pills that afternoon. The other pills made her very stressful and caused her resps to go up, and this new one was supposed to stop that. It was the new medication she reacted to that night. And now, if you will excuse me, I have homework!
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Hissy, I am still very sorry that you had to go through all of that. Of course, you now know my oppinion on some vets. I am sitting on the edge of my chair for all the updates on Bacardi and the new vet
I am now off to make dinner and catch up on the all the interesting things going on here. Hopefully tonight, you can give us an update on how she's doing.
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what a horrible experience. I would have been TOTALLY freaked. It's lucky for her that you were calm enough to do the right things.

I often wonder about modern medicine. Given the prob with Mom and the similarities with your cat. See Mom had her first bleeding episode after being given a new med for the arthritus in her hands.After spending Christmas in hospital she was sent home without the meds and told to take her regular thyroid med plus iron pills. A few days later the second,more serious episode took place. Now she's off the iron pills. But no doc will state that the meds are a problem.

Again,I'm thankful everything turned out fine for you. I hope for the same results for Mom.

You realize your many "parents" here expect to see a report card.
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Oh my Hissy!!! I would have been scared to death also. Gosh I sure hope the poor kitty is ok now. And I would surely give that vet a piece of my mind at the very least.

Good luck with the new vet!

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Omigod! I would have been terrified and hubby would have been freaking big time! I love our puddies but he's really attached to them. I can't imagine waiting for a callback. You must have been frantic. And your poor baby crying and crying and you couldn't comfort her! I'm so glad your both doing better today.

I was thinking about the vet's error: Is he primarily a large animal vet? Because in my experience, lots of people who keep larger animals have dogs that they take pretty good care of, but cats are pretty much ignored. Just my experience, not an indictment of anyone. So if he does a lot of horses or cattle, he might not actually see many cats. In which case he should have called another vet for a consultation.

I also thought, perhaps he isn't much interested in cats? I suppose there are people who become vets because they are interested in a specific animal and everything else is second class.

Have you talked to his boss yet?
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Gees Hissy! Thats terrible!! I'd have gone into panic for sure!! I'd also be tempted to go in there and give the vet a slap!!! ha ha ha.... seriously though, I hope your baby will be ok soon.... all the best!
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Hi posted your problems on the website where you can ask Vet for help.

The response was as follows:

The signs you have described are really not characteristic of feline hyperesthesia syndrome - and it sounds like a recheck visit to the vet is in order....."

Hopes this helps somewhat
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Hissy, that's terrifying!!!!!! I admire you for being able to think rationnally when this happened! If it were me I am sure I would be crying my soul and going mad...

I hope Bacardi is feeling better now??

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OMG Hissy! Is Barcardi ok? I understand your feelings about never tursting another pill without knowing it's side effects etc.. I drive my vets nuts asking questions about what something does, what side effects it'll have, etc. I don't care what they think of me, I won't give my cats anything I am NOT comfortable with.
Sweet barcardi! give her some treats and extra lovin for all of us here at the cat forums!!!!!!!
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Hissy...I am horrified! I can't believe that happened, and it is especially bad for a poor kitty who is having so many other problems. I also can't imagine what it must have been like for you. I am still shaking after having read what you two went through.

You both (and your hubby) are in my thoughts.
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