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Moving w/ Feral?

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Well I have a problem. It hasn't happened yet but will probably in the next 6-8 months. I have 6 cats and a dog of my own. I currently have 6 foster cats too. One I have had for over a year that is a feral. I have never even been able to touch her. All 6 of her sisters were very loving and all got adopted out to wonderful homes. My question is this. My husband is going into the Air Force. After Basic Training and School which will take about 6 months he is going to get stationed somewhere probably no where near where we currently live (Charleston, SC). How in God's name am I suppose to move 6 cats, a dog and more than likely that feral will be coming with me because I don't really have anything else to do with her. I don't want to dump her on someone else in my rescue. I mean seriously! How am I suppose to load up 6 cat crates (maybe 7) in one car w/ a dog and move?? We have no guarantee where he will be stationed so it could be a 5 hours drive it could be a 4 day drive!! And no, giving my cats up is absolutely not an option. There is absolutely nothing on the face of this earth that could make me give any of them up. Advice needed. Thanks!!

Also, I seriously doubt anyone in there right mind is going to rent a house to me when I have six cats. Suggestions??
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First, thank you for being a responsible owner to your cats. There is a thread over on the petfinder message board about moving cats...perhaps there is advice you can use:

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I once moved 5 large dogs and 7 cats for a 16 hour drive. We moved 4 of the cats during one trip - 3 of them were feral. For the remainder, we had a van at the time and simply converted the back of the van to house a number of kennels for them. The cats rode in large dog kennels (complete with litter boxes) and the dogs lounged on sofa cushions and bean bag chairs. There wasn't a square inch of the van that wasn't kenneled or cushioned in one way or another. If you can afford to rent a cargo van, that gives you a lot of space for kennels. We could have traveled for many days that way, sleeping in back on the cushions with the dogs as necessary.
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