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What's the plans for the weekend guys? Mom and sisters are taking me to the casino on Sunday for my birthday........tomorrow we are going to a cookout at some friends of ours...........I just wish now the heat would be more bearable!!
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Going to friends tonight because it's one of their birthdays, so bang goes the healthy eating!!

Then it's some retail therapy tomorrow!
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My dishwasher is arriving at some point tomorrow morning.... I am so excited! hahaha

I have normal housework crud to do, then Sunday I might go shopping... dunno yet
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As it's going to be well over 100° F (38° C) here, I hope to not step outside at all.
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its cold, 17 degrees in the appartment, just turned on the heater.
The weather is crap its raining.

TEufel wont stop meowing lol!
Gotta do a load of washing and clean the house.. parents are coming over tomorrow
try to do some homework and read happy potter
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I'm hoping to go to an alternative music gig tonight!

Tomorrow, I have to deliver more pieces of merchandise for the exhibition tomorrow, go around the exhibition, go to a workshop of two and network! *phew* Oh and meet my parents and sister!

I forgot, I am going to some Car Boot Sales before the exhibition! Tomorrow is going to be a bit busy, I think!

Sunday, I have to do the weekly shop and washing!
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Today I've got to teach Abs, Buns, and Thighs, get groceries, and spend time with Brendan and my best friend Lauren. Then tomorrow I'm working at the visitation center, spending a few brief hours with Brendan, and heading to a Backstreet Boys concert with Lauren and our friend Lisa. The concert's over in Tampa so we'll be leaving mid-afternoon, stopping for some dinner, and then hopping over to the venue to enjoy our close up floor seats!! I REALLY can't wait! I've been a fan of theirs since I was 15 and this will be my 8th concert of theirs!! Then Sunday I've got the day off from the center and I'm going to spend it lounging around, perhaps tanning, and just having a relaxing day!
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We are having a breakfast cook-out with my bro and sis-inlaw.

After which we'll go do some grocery shopping, if we can still move
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Originally Posted by Sar
I'm hoping to go to an alternative music gig tonight!
Cool, my kind of music! Is Echo & The Bunnymen going to be there? They are one of my favorite bands. Well, I am on vacation starting today and I was really hoping to work hard on Nakomas enclosure perimeter fence to get it finished this weekend. So I got up early, only to find it raining Figures, when I am at work it is sunny, now that I am home, it rains. Well, at least it will be cooler. I am going out there in the rain and work. I just can't use any power tools. I don't think we are doing anything tonight, but Saturday night, my wife and I are going out to our favorite Goth club to go dancing. Middle of the week will be 80's alternative dance night. Yes, as you can tell, I LOVE to dance.
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Hoping to meet up with some girlfriends tonight at a local bar to catch up on stuff. If not, then cut my mile-high grass! Saturday, hang around the house & work in the yard since I've been neglecting it. Wash my poor car since I've been neglecting that, too.
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat
Cool, my kind of music! Is Echo & The Bunnymen going to be there? They are one of my favorite bands.
They are great, but sadly, they won't be there! It is a lot of unknown people for the Futuresonic event - There will be people from all over the place and some pretty groovy tunes! One of the bands makes music using dot matrix printers!
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tonite I think I will just relax and sleep a bit. Tomorrow morning we're going to Ozzfest at like 8am or something with a couple friends so that should be interesting. We got VIP tickets On Sunday I think we'll either do a whole bunch of nothing, or I hope so, but we'll probably end up running around hells half acre
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Hummmm! Susie that sounds terrific!! going to the casino!

Put all at the black 8! .....

My Weekend, Just only can I be able to go at the beach and watch the F1 Race from Germany1 ....
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Working just 1/2 day today. YAY! I'm trying to put more weight on my ankle since it seems to be healing up pretty well. I don't want to push it too much, but the doctor said I could start putting weight on it, so I am. I am bound and determined to be off of the crutches a week from tomorrow when I fly out to Ohio! I don't mind wearing the boot, or using a cane, but the crutches have to GO!

Not much planned for the weekend. I have to run up to a lady's house that I'm working with for housing on the Nationals to finalize things, get the team checkbooks, etc. Other than that, I'm hoping to not do a whole lot this weekend. Just rest up on the ankle, let that heal up good.
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Boy, my plans are boring...Let's see, Sat-get up at 5am, go to work, get home about 8pm, go to bed...
Sun-get up at 5am, go to work..etc....BORING!!!
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Tonight, after work, I'll be heading to a going-away party for a friend of mine. She's moving to South Korea. It should be a good time, but also sad since she'll be going so far away .
I'm working on saturday but both me and the bf have sunday off, so we'll be relaxing and enjoying the day
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Today is payday!! (well, my husband's) So today we are going to shopping and going to dinner with my Uncle and Aunt then tomorrow morning I'm going to hit up the sales. I have to get some outfits, I'm leaving Wed. for Georgia for my sis's wedding. I got a busy, busy weekend and Full week.
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I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend. Just relaxing... and I have 10 days to do it as I'm on vacation next week and don't go back to work until the 2nd!! Woohoo!!!!
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Well today was our staff meeting/pool party so my weekend is off to a pretty good relaxing start! All I intend to do this weekend is minimal cleaning and maximum relaxing!
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Last night I stayed at my friends Stephs and I got home early afternoon.

Had a shower, did some chores etc etc

Been out for a long walk with Jazz, been to New World and popped in to say hello to Nana.

Now I'm cruising TCS and I'm in such a good mood. I life!

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I have to work tomorrow but after about 1 - 1:30 I am free!!!! I will be on vacation for two weeks!!

Can you tell I don't get out much??

Tomorrow I have an appt. to get a much needed hair cut. Other than that it's getting ready for our road trip to FL!

I am so excited.. no work, no responsibilities for two entire weeks. God.. I just know it's going to go by so fast!!
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