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pm question - kind of technical

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I got a message that my pm box was full and that I needed to delete some stuff in order to receive a new message. I didn't realize the old stuff wasn't automatically dropping off!

So I deleted some old messages (wish I could have forwarded them to my other e-mail) but the new message hasn't appeared yet.

So what happened to it? Did it get returned to the sender or is it floating around the ether and going to check back later? Just wondering.
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The sender immediately gets a notice that you PM box is full. It is then up to them to re-type and resend the PM once your PM inbox is empty. NO auto-forward or PM-in-waiting mode...

Hope that helps.

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So I won't keep looking for it.

How annoying for the sender!
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new pm question. It says I have things in my folders but I can't find what folders. I only have an inbox and a sent box I think. Help me find the phantom pm's. thanks
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If you leave the box marked "Copy to Sent Items" folder, a copy of any message you send resides there for future reference. Look at the "Jump to Folder..." pulldown, select "Sent Items" and it should show what's in there. Also, if you've had tracking (i.e. read receipts, etc.) those are in there, too.

Let me know if I'm being confusing.

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Remember that the default setting for all PM boxes is to only show items from the past 10 days. If you have old stuff in there, it won't show up on your screen unless you choose one of the other options. So at first glance, it looks like your PM boxes are empty.

Take a look at everything that's stored in there if you need to delete stuff.
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