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Thought I should introduce myself. I'm from TN and currently have 5 adult cats, 1 kitten, and 3 more adult cats that have taken up residence on my porch so I guess they're mine too. I've had cats my entire life, so being owned by cats is nothing new to me. That's it about me. Off to discovering more about this site now.
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Welcome to TCS! If you need anything, just PM me anytime! Also, I live in TN aswell... what part do you live in? I live in East TN, an hour off from Knoxville.
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Originally Posted by specialk
Thought I should introduce myself. I'm from TN and currently have 5 adult cats, 1 kitten, and 3 more adult cats that have taken up residence on my porch so I guess they're mine too. I've had cats my entire life, so being owned by cats is nothing new to me. That's it about me. Off to discovering more about this site now.
Welcome to you happen to know if the 3 cats that have taken up residence on your porch have been spayed/neutered? If not, it would be a very beneficial thing for you to do.

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Hey neighbor! Tyler, I'm from East TN too! About an hour east of K-ville. Small world huh?

I didn't introduce my babies yet, so guess I should do that here as well. This is going to be a long list.

Ripple: 6 year old female, long-haired, muted tortie. Very sweet, loves to be petted, and purrs constantly. Yes, constantly. Favorite toy- milk ring.

Gray-Grey: 6 year old male, shorthair, smoky gray color. Quiet & is very happy to watch life go by. He likes to be petted, but will rarely come to you. He's a loner. He doesn't play much either. It's rather funny trying to get him to. If we use the laser pointer & run it in front of him, he just watches and will only swat *if* it comes within paw's distance. He's currently having issues with going outside the box. We've been to the vet, determined it's probably stress related, and now he's on clomipramine.

We found Ripple & Gray in our yard, along with their little brother (black kitten that we gave away). No one would take them, so we kept them. They were little kittens & we think something happened to their mom.

Cleopatra: Yes, the name suits her well. 6-7 year old female, long-haired, black cat who owns the world. She's had a personality change in the past year and it's a good one. She used to give everyone the 'evil-eye', but now she's very sweet & loving and loves to be petted. She can be a bit odd at times, but we love her.

Sexxy: Yes, you read that right. 6-7 year old male, black, short-haired, and loves his mommy. The name is not my fault. My husband was a big fan of wrestling. When we got him & Cleo, there was a character/wrestler that was popular named 'Big Sexxy the Giant Killer'. So, my husband -the freak that he is, decides to name the cat 'Little Sexxy the Rat Killer'. I wanted to use Killer, he said no, he wanted Sexxy, so it stuck. (The vet knows him as Killer though. I just couldn't say Sexxy.) Wierd thing is the cat answers to it everytime. He's not much of a Killer though. He's such a big baby. It's all my fault. I've spoiled him rotten. He even sleeps beside me with his head on the pillow next to mine. That cat thinks he's human.

Cleo & Sexxy I got at a pet store at the mall. I was shopping, went in, and saw all these black kittens. (it was almost Halloween) Cleo was sitting in the middle, not moving, looking all prim & proper. Just like she should be on her throne and all those around her were her subjects. Sexxy on the other hand was dying to get out of the cage. I got him out, he wrapped his little paws around my neck & began to lick my face. That was it. I couldn't leave without them. I got them so that my girl, Israel would have company. Israel has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She died from megacolon.

Merlin: 4 year old, white longhair with ginger spots and big, beautiful blue eyes. We saved him from our mom's neighborhood. He was just a little kitten and had that nasty uri so bad that even his eyes were matted shut. He was very feral and the only reason we caught him was because he couldn't see us. He's now a baby as well, although he will not stay in a carrier to make it to the vet. He's been twice. Once for the 1st round of shots & initial exam, second time for being neutered. He was so bad that he sliced one of the tech's hands open. So, he doesn't go to the vet. (bad I know, but if you could get him to stay in the carrier without going ballistic, come help me please!) Merlin's also known as my 'little flufferbut'.

Kittyboy: Male, shorthaired tabby. Not sure of his age. He was our neighbor's cat. Kitty showed up at our house hungry and hurt. They wouldn't take him to the vet so I did. He'd been shot with a bb gun and it had broken his leg, which had healed back on its own. The vet said the best thing to do would be to leave it since he was doing ok. I paid to get his shots & to have him neutered. So I guess he's ours now.

Sissy: Another neighborhood cat that showed up hungry. She is a gray shorthair and has the most beautiful green eyes. When she showed up at our house, she was emaciated. No joking. I thought she wouldn't make it. We nursed her back to health. She's had 2 sets of kittens, of which the 1st set were completely wild despite our efforts of taming them. The 2nd set, she had in our house and now we have 1 kitten added to our crew as well. The other 2 we gave away. Sissy is a bully at times. For some reason, she & Sexxy do not get along. But other than that, she is very sweet & a bit wierd. She looks at you like she sees right to your soul. A bit creepy actually. She's due for her spaying on Monday & I can't wait. No more howling at 3am.

Special Kitty: Special K for short or Rezzie as I call him sometimes. Sissy's kitten. He's a black shorthair and is mischevious as anything. He's destroyed I don't know how many cords in the past month. He's going through this teething/chewing stage. But, nothing a little Tabasco hasn't cured. We kept him since he's a special needs kitty. His legs didn't develop normally. He was still pulling himself with his front paws, hind ones dragging, while the others were already walking. He's doing fine now though, but the vet said he needed to be an indoor only cat. The vet said it was probably some type of birth defect that caused his legs to be weak, but that with time he would probably get stronger-which they have.

And we have Tom: male, shorthaired tux. He's a neighborhood cat as well. Not sure who he actually belongs to, but he stays on our porch a lot.

So there's our crew. Told you it would be long. As you can tell, I have this huge, flashing neon sign on my house & forehead that says 'Sucker' and every cat in the world sees it.
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She's due for her spaying on Monday & I can't wait. No more howling at 3am.
Definately a good thing. I was going to provide you with a list of low cost clinics but it sounds like you are already working with a vet. I'll still post it in case you know someone who needs a low cost clinic:

Holly Help Memorial Spay Fund
Bristol VA / Bristol TN
Everyone is eligible for low cost s-n assistance, which is funded by the public through recycled aluminum cans.
People United for Animals PUFA
PO Box 1082
Bristol TN 37621
Lost cost s-n assistance in Bristol VA/TN

Humane Society of Greater Sullivan County
Kingsport TN

Northeast Tennessee Animal League
Blountville TN

McMinn Regional Humane Society
PO Box 7
Athens TN 37371

The Spay Station
Humane Association of Wilson County
Lebanon TN

Beesley Animal Humane Foundation Spay/Neuter Clinic
1140 Haley Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Nashville Humane Association
112 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37205
Call to learn about their low cost spay/neuter program, in partnership with Friends of Animals and with the Davidson County veterinary association.

Ken-Tenn Humane Society
PO Box 1526 Fulton KY 42041
Area code 731
Email: Remove the nospam to send email
For residents of northwest Tennessee and southwest Kentucky (Obion and Weakley Counties in Tennessee and Fulton County in Kentucky), low cost s/n for pet cats and feral cats. Also, they offer advice on how to maintain feral cat colonies.

Alcoa TN

Fix-A-Pet clinic
Seymour TN

Animal Foundation of East Tennessee
1637 Downtown West Blvd, Suite 16
Knoxville, TN 37919
Low cost s/n for everyone, and free for some clients who are low income.

People Promoting Animal Welfare (PPAW)
Greenback TN

Animal Protection Association
PO Box 11471
Memphis, TN 38111
Low cost s/n for pets and ferals.

Hardin County Adopt-A-Cat
8325 Highway 128 South
Savannah, TN 38372 email
Low cost spay/neuter for pets of county residents.

Hardin County Humane Society
PO Box 874
Savannah, TN 38326
Low cost spay/neuter for pets.

Germantown TN
Memphis area.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program
Humphreys County Humane Society, TN
Provides some assistance for s/n of pets of low income people.

Humane Society of Putnam County
Cookeville TN

Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter
Cookeville TN

Prevent Unwanted Pets
Cookeville TN
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Welcome to the site! What a motley crew of kitties you have! They all sound wonderful. Thank you for rescuing all of them! (Yes, I consider taking two black kittens from a pet store around Halloween a rescue. Goodness only knows where they could have ended up if you hadn't!)
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Hello and welcome..You are a great person to rescue and love such a home-full...
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Hello and !!!
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Hi and Welcome
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Welcome to TCS to you all

wow what an introduction!! I feel like I know them all already thankyou! They all sound simply adorable Cant wait for photos

so glad you joined us - seems to be that your going to fit in just fine

welcome again from me & my boys
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Welcome to TCS! Thank you for the wonderful intro. to your kitties - whew, what a lot of typing - do your wrists hurt? Seriously, it was a great way to let us know more about your kitties. You are a really kitty-guardian-angel!! I'm from the Eastern Sierra, in California, but I will be visiting Lebanon,TN in August - I have a young-adult daughter with brain-damage who has been spending the summer with my sis & niece in Lebanon. My sis lives there with 4 kitties, 3 dogs, some guineas and a few chickens. By the way, isn't it remarkable the way cats know who to turn to!! That's why my TCS name is CatsKnowMe, cuz they sure do!! In fact, I keep extra cat kibble in my suitcases & in my car, for those too-frequent meetings with cats in need. I look forward to seeing you in the forums! Susan
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Hi and Welcome to you and your family
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!
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