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8 year old cat and Newborn baby

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We have an 8 year old Tabby who is usually very playful and loving. On Christmas Eve my wife and newborn son came home from the hospital and at first the cat pretty much ignored the baby. However, there have been several occations since then where the cat hides under my son's cradle while he is sleeping in it, and hisses very aggressivily at my wife as she walks by. Before the birth of my son, my cat and my wife were the best of friends without any problems at all. When I try to step in and remove the cat from the situation, she attacks me as well. I understand that the cat may be feeling jealous, but I thought we took all the necessary precausions to avoid this. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how the 4 of us can get along without any added stress to the cat and especially without any harm to my son?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Cats can become jealous upon the arrival of a new baby. Reassure your cat that you still love her by paying it plenty of attention. In the exhaustion and turmoil of a new baby, cats are often neglected (even though un-intentionally), and this will add to its resentment.

Be patience and Please give plenty of extra attention to your kitty.

In case you feel uncomfortable with kitty being in the babies room purchase a citrus airfreshner - kitties usually do not like citrus.

I am sure you will recieve a lot more advise from others members of the board.
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Cats can be pretty unusual with change. Take a shirt and get your newborn's scent on it. Put the shirt (or you can do it with a baby blanket if you have a spare) somewhere other than under the cradle, if you're not comfortable with him being under there. May I ask who carried the baby in the house when he came home??? Have the person who brought the baby in spend a little quality time with the cat. This way she won't feel left out. Maybe sit on the floor with the cat and a can of treats. Or a "teaser" stick and have her play.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Is it possible that the Cat is Gaurding the wee one, as she would do with her own???

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The first response I have for you is time. Cats are creatures of habit and when things get changed, it really upsets them. It can even be as simple as a change in furniture arrangement.
As said before, try to give your cat some extra attention when possible. Try and offer treats or attention when the baby is in the room. When your cat is growling or acting upset, just leave her alone. Don't try and pick her up or move her unless she is actually going after you or your wife. It sounds to me like she is sitting under the cradle to get used to the new addition. It may just be her way of saying, leave me alone. Once they see that it's part of the normal routine, they usually settle right in.
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