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My feet are in pain

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hey everyone! as some of you know i have a new kitten (dolce). he's about 4 weeks old, i rescued him. well i'm happy that's he's healthy and always wants to play ^^ but recently he has a thing for attacking feet. he attacks my feet and my 2 roommate's feet all the time. he scratches my legs and bites my toes and ankles. what i've been doing is lifting him up, getting him away f rom my feet and legs and telling him "no!" just cause that's what i did to the puppies i used to have and it worked. but dolce just keeps coming back for more. he also does this to my arms at times. does anyone have any suggestions on how to make him stop??? i also got him 2 toys and 3 little mice to play with. he starts playing with them and then after a few seconds goes for my feet again! lol
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Hi, been there, done that very recently, and all I can say is that he will outgrow it, but for now wear heavy socks, have a folded blanket at the bottom of the bed, and if it kills you, try not to pull away, but remove him instead just gently without making any fuss at all... and give him a toy right away.
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hey! i was reading around the site and someone suggested hissing at them as a way of dicipline. i felt kinda silly at first but he actually got the point! he doesn't attack my feet anymore. he just steps on them but doesn't even take out his claws ^^ i also did the toy thing =) and i never pull away because i know that would hurt me even more. haha ^^ thanx so much!
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Hello, and welcome to TCS!! i must say your Dolce is adorable!
Do you have a scratching post for Dolce? You might wanna look into getting one with sisal rope, something tall so he can stretch on it, kinda like this (which is what i have for my cat Hobbes)

If he attacks your feet, just lift him up and put his front paws on the post. He will go bonkers over it, and will play keep him occupied for a while. It worked for Hobbes when he was a baby. Also, you might wanna look into clipping his claws when he gets a little older. Just be careful not to cut too deep into the quick.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Have fun with the furkid!
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