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Extra snuggles

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Not that this is a bad thing but it is a big change in behaviour.:tounge2: My 2nd youngest, Merlin, has been extra affectionate. Normally, he is affectionate during the night only (urgh!). He usually comes up at the beginning of the night for snuggles, then sleeps right beside me. During the night he "checks" on me about 3-4 times & gets more snuggles. He is 4 years old and has never been a lap cat. During the last 2 wks, anytime I am on the couch he climbs on my chest, kneads me, purrs and falls asleep on my legs. Once when we were watching a video, he did not move for 2 hrs. Any idea why the sudden change. He only does this with me, not my husband.
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My cats become extra cuddly when it gets cold. I had a cat who lived 18 years. She never cuddled in the summer, but was in my lap constantly in the winter...even asking me to sit down so she could snuggle up!
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Now if I could get my feral baby Kiri to be snuggly like that, I'd be a happy camper Enjoy your kitty snuggles :rainbow:
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I agree totally with lotsocats. Yesterday I had to kick Loki off my lap a few times so I could go to the loo or get something to eat. (between
10 AM - 6PM). In the summer time he sleeps with me and then only for a few hours at a time. However when it gets cold he turns into a snuggle bunny. ENJOY
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My kitty is VELCROED (sp?) to me. I feel so guilty when I have to get up and go to the bathroom or the kitchen :LOL:
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Sometimes cats change like people do with age and experiences. I have a few who started to change a little and want more attention when they hit 3. It sounds like a really good change
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Sandie, you are right about 3 year olds. Fred and Leo became cuddle babies right about then. Pearl, who was terribly abused before I got her has recently started coming out from under the bed to socialize. I had her for a year before she would hang out anywhere else. Now she snuggles with me at night and demands petting like the rest of my unruly crowd. She is even naughty sometimes. I'm thrilled!
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Rascal does this alot. I'd be watching tv and he would climb on me and curls up on my chest(purring). I would stroke his belly until he is asleep. Or he would sleep on my lap. When I go to bed, he would sleep on my arm, seeking warmth. If I have to get up and do something, I just pick him up and take him with me(yes, even the bathroom). ENJOY the attention. This proves that cats are just as affectionate as dogs. People just have to bond with them when they are young.
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Scooter became a big baby after he got neutered! He still makes his baby cries when you pick him up, or when he comes to see me.
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I've gotten alot more attention since I started turning on my electric blanket.
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I always thought it was just my kitten. Jinxy is 8 1/2 months old. He is very friendly, but always puts his paws against my face when I hold him so I wont kiss him. (which I do anyway!!!!) He is irresistible!!! Anyway, he rarely lets me hold him when we are lying in bed or just watching TV on the couch. This is really annoying, because I LOVE to hold him!! At night though, he wiggles his way under the covers and snuggles right up against me like he couldn't get any closer if he tried!! I love it, but he seriously interrupts my sleep every night. I could never figure out why he only wanted to be close to me when I was sleeping and couldn't appreciated it!!! I guess he is trying to keep warm at night. I only wish I'd get that much attention when I was awake!!!!

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Originally posted by Sandie
Sometimes cats change like people do with age and experiences. I have a few who started to change a little and want more attention when they hit 3. It sounds like a really good change
Thats interesting...
my Cagney was affectionate until she was about 9 months, then was aloof, and just recently, at 3 yr's old, she has become Very affectionate again.
I had her spayed a couple months ago, and thought this was why, but now I think this might be part of it too...probably a combination?

Lily is 10 months and was spayed the same day, and she's become a terror...ripping through the house, climbing the walls, and she's taken to biting! Not hard, but very often! Every time I touch her (anywhere) she bites me, then sometimes licks a little, then bites again. She even crawls up to my face and nips at my nose and lips!

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