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update on kittens eyes...

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i took the kittens to the vet...i had a few qs and felt it was time anyhow for a check up...well....the eye problem i was worried about was a good reason to bring them in...see although no other symptoms were present the vet checked them thuroughly and said that they have acute upper respitory infection so now i give them their anibiotics twice a day....eye goop has cleared up on every kitten just after two dosed...now about the hair missing around eye...well it was too soon to tell but when i brought them in and looked at them for the first time after being at work all day i knew it was more than i thought in the beginning which was momma licking her too much in that spot...it was ringworm....now looking closer at the others some have it and all will get it so i have medicated wash to give to them twice a week....at their age the vet said this is what will work best...i dont mind washing the kittens its the momma cat that frightens me .... i will be taking the vets advice on the best way to wash a scared cat...and i will be in some protective gear ha ha ....so please anyone out there with the same problem i experienced and even those similar it never hurts to get them checked by the vet...sometimes symptoms are silent
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The vet is almost set to cruise control on our cat. Also speed dial.

So glad you went to the vet.
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it was worth it, and their little lives as well as mommas deserves it
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Awesome. Do you have any pictures of the little cherubs?
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ok here are a few pics of soon after their birth....and a cpl recent pics...they are growing beautifully http://shealasbabies.blogspot.com/
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AWWWWW! Very sweet indeed.

Thank you for sharing,
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I'm glad you took them in after all - seems like you had the same experience as me: goopy eyes leading to a discovery of a respiratory ailment. Sorry to hear about the ringworms, but I guess it's great that this was all found out early on. I don't envy you having to dip the momma cat - that's gotta be a hassle!

Anyhow, glad they are all doing better. That ointment is amazing, isn't it?
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oh yes the vet has gotten them all fixed up for the most part...the antibiotics cleared the sickness away in a few days.....still giving them their treatments and some of the ringworm is getting much better........all is going great!!
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