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So, it's been 2 days now since I let Leo and Lola meet for the first time. I had them spearated for 10 days, did the swapping rooms and linens thing totally by the book. They were playing under the door and seemed eager to meet, so I let them.

Now, Leo, my resident cat, seems to be getting bullied by my kitten. He'll let slip an occassional hiss every once in a while, but other than that, his postures haven't seemed aggressive and neither have Lola's. She just chases him everywhere and climbs all over him and is just so intense about chasing him and whatnot that he's been spending a lot of time on a high window sill or a high-up table in my living room where she can't get at him! He lets me touch him and hold him, but he hasn't been his usual, purry, happy go lucky slef lately! He doesn't greet me at the door as quickly as he used to (he has to check to see that Lola is out of the way before approaching me) and he whines a lot more. Lola is just running around like insanity in the form of a cat. The term 'Hell on Wheels' does not do her any justice.

Both cats are eating and using their litter boxes and grooming at a normal rate.

My question is, is does it seem like Leo is too stressed out? Should I start the introduction process again so that he'll accept her more? Or is this just part of the process?
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Leave it be unless they really start tearing each other up. They have to work this out by themselves and unless they are drawing blood, let them tussle a bit.

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My boyfriend's family has a 14 year-old cat, and when his sister came back from school during the summer she brought along her kitten (I think he's about 7 months now). The cats have been together a couple of months now, and it's funny to see how the huge fat 14 year-old is scared to bits by the little 7 month old. It's just so much energy that she wasn't used to, and even though the kitten just wants to play, she reponds as if the kitten was fighting, so she runs for her life everytime the kitten gets anywhere near her. Poor thing...

Anyway, I think it might just be stress and getting used to all the changes. I'm sure Leo will be fine, you just have to give him time to adjust (I almost named Lucas Leo instead! Those were my two top names!)
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I only see my boyfriend on the weekends since he lives about an hour and a half away. So when we go visit, we bring our kitties back and forth. He's got a 7 year old big male and I just got Smokie last summer. I was really nervous to have them meet since his cat... well, let's just say he's got a bad reputation! We did not to the "by the book" introduction per se. We did keep them separated as much as possible, but it just wasn't practical in our case. So, once Smokie broke out of her room, they had some really rough moments. But since then, they've really adjusted to each other and they totally love each other now. And they only see each other on weekends! I think they miss each other when they go home!

And yes, she totally dominates him. It's hilarious. She wraps her little paws around his neck and flips him (who is about twice her size) over and just stares at him. Give them time, they will adjust...
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