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Penguin, the cat who USED to live under the bed.

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Hi, all. Finally got a decent shot of her. She's filled out, grown her hair back, and is a sweetheart.

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Oh Michele!

Hi Pengy! You are sooooooooooooo sweet!

I love her markings,

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So lovely to meet you, finally, Sweet Miss Pengy!! You are a pretty girl, and a very special girl, and I guess we mere humans don't need to tell you what a very special Mum you have, do we?

What a love!
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Aww, pretty, pretty Pengy!
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Aw, she has filled out! She looks gorgeous and reminds me of (hate to bring this up) Ani and Trent, if anyone remembers them.

Nice thread title - such great progress!
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Oh Michele, it's so nice to finally see Penguin. She's so beautiful! I've always loved cats with those markings. Glad to hear she's doing well!
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Oh yes, I see Attitude with that one! LOL Good job Noni, I remember you asking me a long time ago "Is she ever going to come out from UNDER the bed?"
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oh there she is!!!! WOW!!! its so great to see a photo of her

seeing that photo actually brought a tear to my eye

missed you both!!!
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Awwww I am glad that she is out from under the bed now!
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Oh WHAT a pretty girl - I just love her name!
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What a pretty girl! Someone posted not too long ago wondering where you went and what happened with Pengy. It's nice to know she is doing well.
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She's beautiful!!!
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Pengy looks so good! What a lovely girl. Yeah, I can see that attitude in her pretty face too.
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That attitude is so much less than it was before, too. LOL!!!

Yes, she is a beautiful animal, inside and out. Still very cautious, but the massive fear has left (except for brief moments when there is an unexpected meeting somewhere). But she's definitely a sweetheart, for all the covering and protection.

And yes, Hissy, I remember that too...and now she is (just as you said. "Someday, if you keep doing what you're supposed to and STOP invading her space, she will..."). And someday, I suspect, there will come a headbutt and a bit of a love from her...and then I'll be a muddled puddle for a while, too, just like when she emerged from hiding.

Hissy, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for her, for me, and for my household of felines. Without you, and without this site, I don't know where we'd be (probably all hiding under beds...)

So thanks, MA, from inside my heart and soul. Thanks.

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Well you are welcome- but I wasn't alone. That original thread (that I am so sad got swallowed in the crash) was full of helpful hints from a myriad of members who all had to deal with a pengy cat in their lives. But I do love it when a plan comes together!

Nice to see you here again- and I still want you to be included in my book- which is plodding along-
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I honestly don't believe there could have been any nicer start to my weekend that seeing this picture of Pengy. Thank you so much Michelle.

I hope you have a really, really, GOOD weekend. Heaven knows you deserve it.
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Happy to see she is doing fine! She's beautiful!!
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What a doll! Congratulations.
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Oh, Pengy! What a beautiful kitty you are! It's so wonderful to see a picture of her, Michele. I'm glad all is going well!
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Pengy is beautiful!!!
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OMG Michele - she looks incredible! And she's so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I looked for the pic you'd mentioned you'd posted (I went back through the entire Pengy thread in the ferals forum today).

Just sending huge hugs to all of you, and skritches to the entire kitty family (Pengy can take a rain check on that).

Just beaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She is such a beautiful girl and look at that look of queen-ness on her face!!!

Great job!!
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