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It's been a while since I've posted, but I just found something and I want you all to see it. I'm not sure if it's been seen or even if it's appropriate since it is very truthful, and please delete this post if it is not appropriate.

I knew I was touched, and misty eyed, when I saw the itsmeowornever.org video, but this one just blew me away. I think it very clearly puts pet overpopulation in no sugar-coated terms.

It is made by borntodiepets.com and it is a 10 meg movie of a shelter manager and the euthanasia tech speaking about what it is like to work in a shelter and the animals that come in.

Warning: extremely sad/heartbreaking

Not for the sensitive

(choose "The Shelter")
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thats so heartbreaking!
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I'm not going to watch it because I know it will take forever to show up on my screen but it is so good to see you!
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I'm not going to watch it because it will wreck my day but thank you for bringing it to our attention - not that I think anyone here would be ignorant of such things but it always needs to be talked about, I think.
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My opinion is that "euthanasia" is the wrong word. "Extermination" "killing" "murder" are more suitable.
Euthanasia is used to end the life of a suffering animal in physical pain caused by uncurable or irremediable (sp) reasons. It isn't the answer to a "bad" dog or cat or because the pet is suddenly a "burden".
This is bad and it's very sad.
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I am actually thinking about including it in my speech I have to do for school about overpopulation. Just to drive the point home. Would it be bad to show this to unsuspecting students (college)?
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I can't watch I'm hormonal to start with and started filling up just by reading the posts about it
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Well, I should have known better than to watch that. I remember going to a shelter once with a friend looking for her dog, and I was in tears by the time we walked out. I wanted to take every single one of those animals home.

Wow. I knew it was an issue, but I honestly didn't know the reality of it. Do I think it would be unfair to spring it onto unsuspecting college students? No. Granted, there will be those who will be driven to tears (as I was within moments), but look at how many people you are getting the message to in a matter of 6 minutes! I think that showing that video is a very powerful way to get your message out there, and I can guarantee that people will be talking about it, telling friends, family members, people in other classes. The word will spread. I encourage you to seriously consider including this video in your speech.
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I had Lucas on my lap while I watched that, and I'm in tears now. Seeing all those cute pets lined up dead, awful. I never understood how some people can just give up their pets -- mine have always been a part of the family, how can you leave a member of your family like that???

It's just horrible... At least I know I'm doing my part. If everyone adopted a pet, there wouldn't be any left in the shelters now. The fact that most rental places don't allow pets, make it hard even for the people who want to adopt!
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I watched the video and I can't stop crying. God I want to save more. If God would grant me a huge haven I would make a heaven on earth for these babies. They just give unconditional love to us undeserving humans, how can we just throw them away? I am hormonal and now heartbroken too. I am wasted now for the whole weekend. Where is my chocolate?
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OMG!! I watched the 2 videos and the 1st excerpt and I am in tears! I work with children who sometimes die and cry myself to sleep on occasion and this made me feel the same way!! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
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I dont think i can watch that unfortunately. I do think letting the college students watch it is a good idea, at least some of the next generation of petlovers will be more aware. I have just fostered a 12 year old healthy cat for my charity as his owners took him to the vets and asked them to put him to sleep. Luckily the vet refused, the charity agreed to take him on and he will be with us as long as necessary. What i did like is they still got charged for it, and that they had the morals to not put down a healthy cat. I dont know why they wanted rid, whether it is cos they are going away and couldnt be bothered finding somewhere to take him or whether they are 'fed up' with him cos he has been with them for 12 years. I cant see how anyone can have an animal for so long and then do that.
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I am definitely going to show it; I was just worried it would be a bit much. But long after they forget my words, they will still remember those images.

booktigger: that's great that you took on the little guy (maybe not so little). people can be so callous it makes me wonder how they could be in the same species.
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