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My sweet boy

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Here's some recent pictures I've taken of my sweet lover boy Sash. Hope you enjoy them!

Just lounging on my bag

Hi mom! Just me saying hello

Mom, why do you keep taking my picture??

Enjoying my Boogie Mat!!

Just a side profile of me

Getting ready to dig into my shrimp!

Cuddling with mom
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There's my boy!!! Oh thank you!!!!!
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Oh those pictures are great!. I love the ones of him laying in the chair and my fav is the one of him sitting on the counter waiting for his din

Thanks so much for sharing!
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oh, he is beautiful! he and my humble are a lot alike, so naturally, I think he is wonderful! What a blessing for you!
Hi, sweet Sash!
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Aww, thanks guys! I love sharing pictures of my sweetheart.
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OH SASHIE! He is such a doll. I want to his tum!
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What a big, handsome boy you have! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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He is gorgeous
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Very handsome!!
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Adorable pics!!!! My favorite is the one of him cuddling with you. IMO...there's nothing better than a warm purring cat resting on your lap.
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Thank you so much everyone for enjoying my sweet boy's pictures!! I'm one very happy momma!
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He looks sooooo cuddly! I would love to rub that kitty-belly.
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He looks like a big, sweet huggable boy! And what a cute belly!
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Sash, you lovable little sweetheart!You just get more gorgeous every single day! Sierra just loves admiring pictures of her cousin Sash, and now Serenity has had the opportunity to meet your adorable baby, Lisa!
Sash must be the most spoiled little boy! He knows he has his Mommy wrapped right around his little paw! I love his cuddling with Mom picture, and he's just so adorable rolling over in his chair! Sierra loves her Boogie Mat, as well, yumm, Shrimp! What a gorgeous side profile you have their, Sash! Thank you, Lisa, these are wonderful!
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How cute! He looks like a real sweet laid back boy.
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Great pics!

I love the one of him playing!
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Oh thank you again everyone for the very nice comments! I'm so happy to be able to share the love of my life with everyone here, it makes me feel very happy! Hope to see all of your beautiful babies pictures soon too!
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Sash is so handsome! Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed every one!
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