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Just moved - what to expect from cat?

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A beautiful 12 year old cat adopted me about 4 years ago from a neighbor. She was primarily an outdoor cat until about 1 year ago when she would spend every night and 40% of days at my house.
We moved to a new, larger home about 6 weeks ago and I have noticed some changes in her behavior. I am not sure if I should be worrried.
1. As I mentioned she was primarily an outdoor cat. At the new house we have let her into our backyard since the second day. We do not however, let her stay out all day anymore while we are gone. She seems ok with it, she has wandered to the neighbors but we watch and she comes back.
2. It seems like she sleeps more now. I'm not sure if it's because we are just now noticing or if it's an actual increase. She gets up and roams around and even runs chasing thru the house but is there too much sleep?
3. She has had a litter box at my house and the same one at the new house for about a year but at the old house she mostly went outdoors. I would check the box daily but she rarely used it. Now she ONLY uses the litter box. This is great that I don't have to worry about the carpet but, is it a sign of a problem?
4. Affection. She is still very affectionate and will sit on the table for a brushing or scritch but she doesn't lay down on the couch with us anymore. She used to climb up on top of me and plop herself down, now she will sit on the back of the couch or on the new love seat (about 2 feet away) instead.
5. Since she always had access to her 'old' family, I never worried about her eating. I always had good quality food for her and she would eat both dry and wet but it seems her appetite for the wet food is less. She is still eating the dry food but not much of the wet.
Any help or advice is welcome. She is my first and only fur baby and I want to make sure she stays well.
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A move is a big and stressful event for any animal (even humans!)... my cat frequents my apartment at school and my parents' house in NJ, but for the first day or so after moving from one place to the other, he's not quite himself... it will take your baby a bit of time to adjust to his new territory - at your old house he already had all of his territory marked and was familiar with it all... the extra sleeping is more than likely due to the stress - even though your kitty wasn't moving boxes and things, the move was exhausting to him as well. The litter box is a comfort or almost a security blanket for him... although he didn't use it much at your old place, it's something he's familiar with and already has marked... I would just wait it out for a bit and see how he continues to adjust - nothing that I read in your post seems like it's something to be super worried about... my kitty always pops back to his usual self after spending the first bit of time in the new place hiding (although, he's spent a lot of time at my place and my parents' so it doesn't take him that long to adjust)... good luck and just try to make your kitty feel as at home as possible!
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