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"The Cat Stare"

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This afternoon Dexter & Sadie are giving me "The Stare."
They want their dinner but it is early, so they are sending me their cat vibes, to get my attention.
They look so cute. They don't blink or move...they just stare.
Do your kitties use "The Cat Stare" to get what they want sometimes?
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OMG!! Charlotte stares at me ALL the time!!! It's the type of stare that goes straight through a person and makes you go "I didn't do it"! I think Charlotte sits and stares at me when she merely wants attention at playtime....and playtime can be often despite that she plays with Izzie.
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Rocket excercises his vocal cords.
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Oh yeah.... Dax will sit or lay on the sofa and stare at me as I make dinner or something. "Daaaan.... This cat is going to slit my throat in the night..."
"your just paranoid honey"
"But you should see the way it is staring at me!!"

I crack up laughing sometimes when she just follows my movements with her eyes, rest of the body and head completely still - so funny äääääääääääääääääÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄäääääää - guess who just crossed the keyboard... I'm getting the "You really should come to bed now mommy" behaviour.
g'night all
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Oh yes, I frequently get "the stare!" Sometimes, Oliver's just sitting on the floor across the room staring, just to see if I acknowledge him and other times he comes over, plops his bum on the desk in front of me, puts his little pink nose less than a whisker-length away from mine and stares directly into my eyes... the desk approach is usually used when I've been at the computer too long for his liking and he's ready to play... luckily he is free fed so I never get the "feed me now" stare (unless he's begging for MY dinner)
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Reilly has gotten into the "stalking" of me latley. He stalks me like he would his prey. Sometimes it takes him 10 mins to get over to me. Lucky for me when he does get to me his gives me kitty kisses!
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Originally Posted by slitty_kittay
Oh yeah.... Dax will sit or lay on the sofa and stare at me as I make dinner or something. "Daaaan.... This cat is going to slit my throat in the night..."
"your just paranoid honey"
"But you should see the way it is staring at me!!"
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Yes, Limrick stares when he wants food, or tuna... haha
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Willow stares at me too, but I can never figure out why. Sometimes I'll be in the kitchen, and I'll look over through the doorway into the living room, and I'll see Willow sitting straight up on the end of a couch just staring at me. I, of course, will pause and keep watching her, to see if she's really staring at me or just staring into space, but then I'll start weaving from side to side and her eyes never leave me. It's kinda freaky, actually. Especially when it's at night in the dark. Heh. If I mysteriously disappear, the clues are in this thread. lol.
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Aussie Dog...I wonder if they are thinking about eating us.
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When my kitty wants his food he will meow and meow until I give it to him.. If I go into the kitchen around supper time and get a glass out of the cabinet he will start meowing and even jump up on the corner and then all my other cats comes running its kinda funny lol
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I got home about 4PM today from the Humane Society. On a normal work day I get home about 6PM and feed the cats at 7PM sharp. About 5PM the cats congregated in the kitchen and I had about 6 of them give me "the stare". I calmly explained that dinner wasn't for another 2 hours but they just continued with "the stare". I didn't budge, so they just started following me around the house glaring at me for the next 2 hours.

It's much harder when they combine "the stare" with "the blinky-blinkies". Those cute little eyes batting at you makes my heart melt!
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dinner just wouldn't feel right without my cat patiently sitting at my feet, watching every bite that went into my mouth as if it were an exciting movie.
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Too funny. I think I read some where if you look directly at them when they are giving you "The stare" You will turn to stone. This reminded me Cleo was staring at something on the floor last week, and when I went over to see what it was, it was a big, gross, nasty spider .I went and got about 50 paper towels to kill it and after I threw it away I looked over at cleo and she was STILL staring at the spot where the spider was . Derrrrr!!! She should have seen a psychologist years ago anyway.
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