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Oliver sleeps by my feet or curled up at my tummy. Tripod sleeps wherever he wants. Sometimes he's next to me on the bed. Sometimes he tries to sleep right on my BF's head, but he doesn't get away with that for long.
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Taffy sleeps with me at the foot of my bed. I think its a comfort for her as she was a year old when I got her so she's like a 2 year old baby/kitten. I don't mind as its a comfort to me too.
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Cupid sleeps with me for a little bit...I move so much when I'm sleeping that I usually wake up to him sleeping in his own bed. Last night he kept waking me up by sticking his little head under me hands to get me to rub. I'd rub until I fell back asleep.
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With me it's the same almost every night:

11pm: "Are you going to be good boys and girls and let daddy sleep through the night???? Of COURSE you will........."

2am: "G*D D**M IT!!!! Get out of my room this instant and let me sleep! I have to work all day tomorrow to feed you and buy you litter!"

6am: "Hold on! Let me turn the alarm off before I open the door and let you terrorize me again!!!"

And so it goes, day after day after day............
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Fluffy hates to sleep with me, but she loves to wake me up for food at 3:45 every morning. Snuggles, my newest additon loves to cuddle. It's kind of annoying. She loves to sleep on my back and under my chin. She just loves to stay close. She also loves to lick my face while I sleep.
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Originally Posted by CDubbie
she likes to attack my feet while I sleep.
my kittens do that, too! when they first came here, our bedroom was their 'safe room' so to speak (food water and litter), so they started sleeping with us; snooker curled between my and dh, and blossom sleeping either in my hair or on top of hubby.

but...hubby snores and the kittens couldn't take it, so they sleep allover the house...first the baby's cradle (really cute) then the changing table, then the sofa, and most recently in my son's room. he has a bunk bed/futon combo and keeps his stuffed puppy collection on the futon. those little kittens love getting snuggled up in there! occasionally they will come 'check' on us and take a little nap, then they start wrestling each other, attacking our feet, trying to crawl under the covers, etc. and they get thirsty and dash out to the kitchen, where their water and food are now. (litter's in the bathroom...i could not handle it in the bedroom!)

i could go on about my adorable kittens forever as i'm sure many of you understand so i guess my answer is no, but i miss them sometimes.
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Originally Posted by CrazyCatnipper
With me it's the same almost every night:

11pm: "Are you going to be good boys and girls and let daddy sleep through the night???? Of COURSE you will........."

2am: "G*D D**M IT!!!! Get out of my room this instant and let me sleep! I have to work all day tomorrow to feed you and buy you litter!"

6am: "Hold on! Let me turn the alarm off before I open the door and let you terrorize me again!!!"

And so it goes, day after day after day............

you sound just like my husband! 'cept he's got to 'scoop the poo' too since i'm expecting...
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Looks like I am in the minority, but I let my cat have the run of the house, except my bed. I have dander issues. But once I covered the sectional and the futon with vinyl remnants and she is getting used to the feel, I am very happy. I baby sit a cat twice a year, and since I have a Kingsize waterbed, she would start playing with the little waves. I am afraid, even though front claws are gone, that it might spring a leak. My new kitty is very well manored and doesn't seem to care about the bed. I have a nice long dark corridor under the headboard that she seems to prefer. But she sleeps in different places all over the house, wakes me up after I have put the snooze on a few times, right on time. Florena
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Hi, Florena--

Just so you know, I have had cats (with claws) and waterbeds for years, and while the bed has leaked on occasion, it was never from the cats. With me, it was simply not moisturizing the matress enough.

I love having the kitties on the bed in the evening. There's no better combination than my cats with me on the bed, a bowl of ice cream and Desperate Housewives on the TV! A recipe for heaven!
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Loki sleeps with me tucked into my left armpit. Sleeping without him is not sleeping (literally) - can't get to sleep since I am so used to having him there!!!!
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My fiance would NEVER allow an animal in our room at night. He likes to sleep undisturbed through the night
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Sasuke and Kamikazee sleep on the headboard, and Purple sleeps in the windowsill, or sometimes at the foot of the bed. Mouse sleeps next to Joe's tummy. No one will sleep with me, though. I kick like a mule
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Claude pretty much sleeps on my face! Harold on my chest, and Spiderman at the foot of the bed. Everyone clears out when the light goes off because my constant adjusting irks them, but they're all back by morning!
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Originally Posted by Hobbester
My parents detest the idea of keeping the cat in the bedroom where humans sleep (because of hygiene reasons). i'm interested to know what you guys think

Hobbes sleeps with us in our room at night, with the door close. He usually sleeps through morning, so we don't really have to worry about him wanting to use the litter box. He has a few spots in our bedroom: his own bed, under our bed, and between us ON our bed.

So, do you allow your cats to sleep with you?
yes my two female cats sleep with me and ONLY me
when i am lying down one of my cats lies ON me
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Teddy sleeps with us almost every night. Usually, he sleeps between us, or at our feet... though lately, he likes to sleep ON my feet, which is kind of uncomfortable. And he's really cuddly lately too, so he sleeps next to either my fiance' or I.

PJ has never slept on the bed. She comes and visits, and then leaves.

My first cat, Sassy, used to sleep on my pillow at my head.
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My cats are ALLOWED to, but they just usually don't. Gizmo usually comes in the bedroom in the morning and jumps up for cuddles, and Sasha sometimes will. I don't know where they sleep, but it's not in my bed. Gizmo does when it's cold though, she loves to get under the blankets and snuggle up and get warm!

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Villy sometimes decides when it's bedtime, she'll go upstairs to the bedroom, then call me for ages!
I love to have her sleeping on the bed with me. She has a blanket that she sleeps on to help stop the fur getting everywhere. It's so nice when I can't sleep or wake up in the night to see her laying there looking so relaxed and peaceful.
She got me into trouble last night for taking up too much space on the bed. I'm not sure what happened, but she must have jumped up on to the bed and spread out, as I woke up all squashed up to my partner and he was grumbling about not having enough space. I fell asleep again really soon, after a half hearted attempt to move her, and my partner told me off this morning for not moving her, but he wouldn't move her either, in case I told him off! MEN! Don't they understand cats get priority!!!
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i voted yes, but i'm really not sure how much they sleep with me. they are welcome, & Pixel's always there when the light goes off for her bedtime kneading, but she often leaves after. however, i've woken up to find her & Java snoozing with me. Cable almost always sleeps elsewhere, tho.
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My kitties are allowed to sleep anywhere, including on the bed. Neither of them do it often, though.
Miss Kitty likes to sleep at the end of the bed...right up next to our calves. She picks a side and shoves her way into the middle. She's quite a little bed-hog, which I can blame on my boyfriend, who let her do it when she was a kitten. A lot of days I will some home and find her curled up at the end of the bed, like she's waiting for someone to jump in with her.
Zoe will sleep with her head on my arm or on my pillow, curled up right around my head. She also has a bed on top of the bedroom stereo and speakers...it's right next to the window and it's her favorite spot.
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One of my cats loves to sleep with us at night but the door must remain shut so that the other cat doesn't get in and create a bigger hole in our boxspring. Needless to say, she pounces on us at 4:00 AM until we get up and feed her. If we don't allow her in our room at night she scratches at the door until it opens. Even though she can be an annoyance we love sleeping with her.
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I chose other because Thisbe usually does sleep with me at night but Sinatra is usually up all hours of the night and waking me up. I tried shutting Sinatra out but then he and Thisbe would just communicate (loudly) by meowing back and forth through the bedroom door. I tried shutting them both out so that I could get some sleep and Thisbe quickly figured out that she could "knock" on the door by putting her paw in the gap under the door and shaking it back and forth. So now I just leave the door open and hope that I can have a peacefull nights sleep, which only happens about half of the time
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In the end... They won the battle. When we first got my two cats as kittens we let them sleep with us 'just untill they get used' to us the new house.. so they dont miss their mom. At that time I was sleeping with 2 kittens in my belly all night!! It became a bit uncomfortable when they grew up for BSH become big... Slowly we taught them to sleep in their 'bed' she got it quick but him... I thing he still prefers me haha. Now he waits till I am already sleeping and then he jumps in the space between my legs and there he spends all night.. He is not even bother if I move I think he likes 'movement'haha.
Last week Molly started coming back to our bed. Since she is pregnant maybe she feels a bit more demanding than usual so now we are 4 in bed!
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It's funny. Miya will sleep with me, in my arms, when I am taking a nap, but she won't sleep with me at night. I think it's because I accidently kicked her when she tried to cuddle up against my legs. In the morning, she'll have a bit of a snooze on my pillow.
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being a woman i crave attention and affection. my cats have the run of the house (aside from counters where food is prepared, i don't need to be making a sandwich and get scratched 'cause they decide it's theirs!) most of the time they will sleep either on the bed with us or nearby on a pile of dirty or fresh washed clothes.... they also choose to usually sleep near us on the couches when we're in the entertainment room. i love it when they sleep near/with me, it makes me feel loved.
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when is a good age to start allowing him to sleep with me? clinton is 5 months now, and i'd really like him to sleep with me. we do a really long play session before bed, to the point he plops down on the carpet tired, but as soon as we get to the bedroom, his eyes have dialated and he's in crazy kitty mode. he naps really well with me on the couch (i snuggling with a warm furry kitty body) but he always gets the bedroom crazies!
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My older cat, Mookie, she has terminal cancer, has slept with me since day one. I also have Basil my 6 week old kitten, but because he and Mookie don't get along, he sleeps in my bathroom, which is huge. I will allow him to sleep with me when Mookie passes, she is my main concern and having her spend the last days of her life as comfortable as possible.
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I have the same snuggler! I also have a photo to prove that it has been used, which unfortunately has been maybe twice in about 6 years. Regardless, it occupies a prominent space in my living room, just in case someone wants to use it again.
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Actually it is the cat's bed and he let's John and I use it as long as we don't move around too much and disturb him, then he tends to nibble on the toes a bit to wake us so we know to stop disturbing him.
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I don't know if i'd even be able to sleep with my leg going numb! That is Emerson's spot. Mya will come and give my face a few licks now and then throughout the night, but for some reason she sleeps at the foot of my bed. A very strange position too ...her front paws draped over my footboard.. her belly hangs between the opening from the footboard to the matress and the behind is on the bed.. I just don't get it, it can't be comfortable. I have a queen size bed.. and i'm 5ft... it not like she doesn't have room.. i don't get it.
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A definite no from me...but only because I am actually allergic to cats. Of course if I were to disappear, DH would have them in bed with him in a minute. He just prefers sleeping with me to sleeping with the cats, but sometimes it's a near thing.
Of course because the bedroom is the forbidden zone whenever we open the door we have to watch out for a furry bundle whizzing through. Nothing like the lure of the forbidden!

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