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I usually have a cat on both sides of my pillow. Sometimes Vilma will climb on top of my back and as small as she is I will wake up in the morning with a backache. But she's so cute when sleeping next to me that she won't be banned from bedroom .
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Dori sleeps with me just about every night. It's a little weird, but if she doesn't sleep in her normal spot I find myself restless and end up getting no sleep
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Gandalf and Samwise sleep in the bed with me. That being said they only do it sometimes. If it is too hot out then they find other places to sleep which makes me sad but every night regardless of if they sleep with me they come into the room and make sure I get settled into bed and demand a little loving then find their own sleeping spots.
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Originally Posted by Juniper
Meeko, Esmeralda and Phineas do - Henry usually prefers to play out in the living room all night, though he does join us from time to time.

This is typical for us:
Big chunks of meat in your bed!!
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Awwwwwww look at that!!
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I love it when my kitty curls up with me at night and falls asleep to a soft gentle purr. But in the middle of the night she likes to wake up and skip around on the bed as she pleases. So I can't sleep at that point and I make her leave. But then she jumps on again and again and plays around as if my bed is a playground. When it gets to much, I take her out of the bedroom and close the door behind her.
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My cat never sleeps with me on my bed. Not because I don't let her, because she doesn't want to. Whenever she goes in my room she just snoops around and messes up everything and makes tons of noise so I have to close the door.
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of course! i would never deny any of them access to any room or spot in the house

nass sleeps on the end of the bed, pandy sleeps by my side and bonnie sleeps where ever she wants

i can't stand people that complain about cats hygiene, most the cats iv'e met are cleaner than some people iv'e seen

besides, if i locked pandy out i'd never hear the end of it, she just has to be with me all the time.
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To quote Ryan: absosmurfly!
Eppie will jump up on the bed a couple of times during the night and snuggle with me. But she prefers her special kitty bed, which I keep on the floor by my side of the bed. Cosette sleeps all over the bed- wherever she feels like it. Sometimes it's on Bradley's pillow, sometimes it's on my pillow, and sometimes it's forming a "kitty barrier" between the two of us.
A bed is not complete without a kitty or two .
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Mischief will occassionally grace us with her presence at night, but prefers under the bed or her cat napper. Kisa, on the other hand, will lay next to our pillows, our head and just purr away. As long as she doesn't start playing in the middle of the night, she can stay there.
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From the looks of things you'd think I sleep in the cats' bed instead of the other way around.

The only reason I get any deference at all in this matter is because I'm roughly ten times their size and can pick them up and move them out of the way.
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Originally Posted by Juniper
Meeko, Esmeralda and Phineas do - Henry usually prefers to play out in the living room all night, though he does join us from time to time.

This is typical for us:
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Max is our snuggle bug. He loves to get into the bed between my husband and I. My husband complains but if Max is not there, he will go find him and bring him into the bed!

Simon will sleep in the bed as long as my husband is not in it. My husband works nights so Simon gets about half the night in the bed, until my husband gets home!
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They're all welcome to sleep with MommyCat and I, and on any given night at least two of them will. Of course, it's anyone's guess who will go to bed with us and who will be with us in the morning, it's rarely the same two!
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Maya sleeps with us every night On my side of course, bf pushed her off the bed once(an accident of course), so she stays away from him side....We are so used to it that if she doesn't come in to the bedroom at the same time as us, one of us gets up to check where she is
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Everynight! Sash used to sleep on my pillow with his head on top of mine but I think he got too big for that. He now lays up against my back or usually cuddled in my arm and I fall asleep with my arm around him.
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No, my cats don't sleep with me...however, they do sleep with one of the kids every night, usually 9 y/o dd. In fact, she gets upset if Garfield isn't with her, because if she wakes up, he comforts her. (He also wakes her up sometimes, and has occasionally left a scratch on her sweet face...) Our bedroom door is usually kept closed, and our dog sleeps on the floor in our room. If the cats slept on our bed, I think she would be offended!

You can catch ear mites from sleeping with a cat. But the lesson is "don't let your cat catch ear mites" rather than "don't sleep with a cat"!
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1 of my cats will sleep in my bed half the night and the pregnant cat sleeps on the floor
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I said other, because while I don't mind them sleeping with me at all, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Milo and I nap together all the time, but lately he hasn't really been sleeping with me at night
Pixie pretty much never sleeps on the bed with me anymore, she hasn't for at least a year. So the invitation is always open, but it's not always accepted.
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Buster will sleep with me if he can snuggle himself under the covers (strictly a tent cat )...Ashley sleeps at the foot of the bed...Ally sleeps over my head...Bob sleeps around my neck like a scarf or whichever arm he can squeeze himself into....Thank Goodness for King Size Beds!!
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I should have ticked other actually. Pebbles lives in my bedroom, so my bed is her bed. Still havent got used to the litter tray in the bedroom though, as she wakes me up every time she uses it. I have a pattern where i sleep on my right side for so long and then turn over - as soon as i turn over, she is at the top of the bed fussing to come under. She sometimes sleeps so close to me I can feel her breath on my face. Have never had a cat like it. Ginger is temperamental about sleeping on the bed, he used to prefer sleeping on a cat bed in my room and then stopped and started sleeping downstairs. I will occasionally wake up to find him on the bed, but normally wake up to him eating Pebbles biscuits. And foster cats have to stay in their own room at night until i am certain they will all get on.
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My answer is YES and I wake up in the middle of the night completely paralysed with my legs numb from the knee down because all the cats are laying on the back of my legs. See, I've got an electric blanket and I like to have it on because my husband keeps the house POLAR. Peter told me he got up one morning and all 7 of our cats were sleeping on me : (

I think I would probably sleep better without them all sleeping on me, but I just don't have the heart to kick them off the bed.
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Belle does, Annie does sometimes, and Billy will occasionally lie at my feet until I fall asleep. CJ never snuggles with me, though she did when she was a kitten.
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Mini has slept with us since she was a kitten. She was very persistent about it, too.
Tucker has never slept with us, so at first I wasn't used to her little body crawling all over & would put her down, but she would only claw her way back up.
Now I feel relaxed when she makes her way into bed sometime after I settle in for the night. She likes to nap with me, too. most times she will curl up next to my chest, I think she must like the feel of my heartbeat. I like to have her there & feel like I can't settle down till she gets into bed. It makes up for the aggravating moments of having my hair pulled at 5am when she decides to wake mom up by walking across the pillow.
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Gremlin sleeps on the end of the bed and I'm sure he comes and goes as he pleases... he enjoys sleeping under the bed as well. As a kitten he used to sleep on my back lol
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Does our cat(s) allow US to sleep with THEM! Hahaha! Ours took over our bed! And she is only 4 months old! I'm lucky I get to share a piece of my pillow with her!

Originally Posted by Hobbester
My parents detest the idea of keeping the cat in the bedroom where humans sleep (because of hygiene reasons). i'm interested to know what you guys think

Hobbes sleeps with us in our room at night, with the door close. He usually sleeps through morning, so we don't really have to worry about him wanting to use the litter box. He has a few spots in our bedroom: his own bed, under our bed, and between us ON our bed.

So, do you allow your cats to sleep with you?
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Yup...both sides of the bed has bed have been claimed and they are well marked with cat fur.

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When we first got our little ones, my husband wasn't comfortable allowing them into the room (he wasn't comfortable with the prospect of them watching during...well...ya know...LOL!!), but when we moved into this particular place, we leave it open until about 4am to let the cold of the AC move into our room from the livingroom.

They've enjoyed the time with us, but don't ever really try to sleep on the bed with us. They started out wanting to lay on the bed, but now I've noticed that they've found their own places they like in the room. For instance, Sunny likes sleeping on the dresser (she likes high places, and it's the highest in the room), and Hobbes likes laying on the floor right in front of the bed (he's a bit of a guard cat, so he likes to be "guarding" the bedroom door).

Every now and then they jump on the bed and lay at my feet, but it's rare anymore.
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i think if u really love ur cat enough u will let it sleep with u.u can always spay frebrez or any odor spay to make the air better.me myself i dont sleep with my cat cuz hes an outdoor cat!!! and hes never home besides to eat.then again in the winter he will sleep on the rug down stairs for some reason he dose not like sleeping with people.
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Juicy usually starts out sleeping next to me or at my feet...but through the course of the night he ventures out into the living room with Destin and then finally into my parent's bedroom, because he has a routine of playing with my parents early in the morning...and my mom gives him treats when she wakes up. I swear she's trying to bribe him so he'll like her more
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